Javascript BugSplat’s JavaScript integration works with any application that supports npm including Node.js, and Electron applications.   Configuration To add the bugsplat package to your application, run the following shell command at the root of your project’s directory: npm install … Read More


HipChat BugSplat’s integration with HipChat allows your team to receive updates directly from BugSplat. Log into HipChat as an administrator From the navigation bar, click the Group Admin button and navigate to the “Info” tab. Please save the full HipChat … Read More

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine Please make sure you have completed the following checklist: Register as a new BugSplat User. Log in using your email address. Download the BugSplat Unreal package. BugSplat’s Unreal Engine integration works for any Windows-based game. Other platforms are … Read More

New StackKey alerts via Slack.

New StackKey alerts via Slack. Our Slack integration notifies you when a new type of crash shows up in your BugSplat database. New Splat Alert! Our new Slack integration in action.Last week we pushed out a new feature for our Slack integration. … Read More

StackKey charting is here

StackKey historical charting New charting on our Summary page gives you the power to track and compare historical crash volume across StackKeys. If you’ve been on the Summary page in the past week, you’ve had a sneak peak at our … Read More

Setting Up Crash Alerts

Setting Up Crash Alerts BugSplat has a few built-in options to alert you and your team to activity on your account. These options can be found on our Options page. Hourly Report Digest Email : an hourly digest of your … Read More

Adding team members to BugSplat

Adding team members to BugSplat After signing up for a BugSplat account, it’s important to add your team members to it. Crash reporting is better with friends. Much better. To add a team member, navigate to the User page. This … Read More