Interested in working at BugSplat? We are a small software company with the big goal of improving application and video game stability for millions of users around the globe. We do this by building a majestic crash reporting and analysis tool for developers, which we call ‘BugSplat’.

Every day we work closely with developers at some of the world’s most popular video game and software companies to lower their crash rate and simplify their support process. We provide them with tools that they use to solve some of their most difficult problems.

As an employee, you’d have the opportunity to directly influence the stability of applications on millions of computers around the world. This is a huge and interesting engineering challenge that we love working on.

Our team at BugSplat works remotely and is distributed across the United States. It doesn’t matter where you are located, to be part of the team you just need to have the technical chops and want to work on our problems.

We are not currently hiring, but if you’re interested in us make sure to shoot over an email. Joey—our head of product—loves, loves, loves hearing from talented developers.

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Email Joey @ BugSplat