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The most BugSplaty gear around.

The BugSplat Tshirt

Would you like run like the wind, program like a god, and jump higher than any other human on the planet?

Well do I have a revelation for you!

This shirt will absolutely……not help you do any of those things. However it is a damn fine looking shirt! Shows you take the stability of your software seriously and that crash reporting and proper debugging isn’t beneath you.

For us here at BugSplat, that makes you a superhero in our eyes.

How long will shipping take?

Standard, free shipping usually takes 4-6 days. You have the option for paying for rush delivery. Please allow for a few days for fulfillment as well.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, there is the option to send BugSplat products internationally. Select them during checkout.

Are you a BugSplat Customer?

If you are a BugSplat customer and want some gear, please send us an email. We’d be happy to get you some BugSplat swag. We also have stickers and other gear to send you.

Where are your products made.

Our Tshirts and other outerwear are all American Apparel and made in LA. All other products are customized and shipped from the United States.