BugSplat Webservice API Update

BugSplat Webservice API Update If you were paying close attention over the past few days you might have caught a pretty big change for us here at BugSplat. As of today our online home is officially bugsplat.com. We are retiring … Read More

Why Planifi uses BugSplat for crash reporting

Cofounder of the A/E project management start-up Planifi talks with us about how he unwinds after a long week and the impact crash reporting has had on his software development and support process. Tom Vandervort is the cofounder at Planifi, a BugSplat … Read More

BugSplat emojis for HipChat and Slack

  Using BugSplat tends to change the way you talk about crashes. Instead of calling them a crash, we see teams introducing such terms as “BugSplat” or “Splat” as synonyms for software failure. To make that conversation even easier, make … Read More

BugSplat Crash Reporting for Unity

BugSplat Crash Reporting for Unity Recently we have been getting quite a few requests for BugSplat to work with the popular game development engine Unity. After some work we’re very close to providing our users with a cross-platform Unity crash … Read More

Properly uploading symbols for Windows (native and .NET).

Properly uploading symbols for Windows (native and .NET). A common stumbling block for new BugSplat users is getting symbols to upload properly for Windows (native and .NET). To help alleviate this issue we’ve put in a helpful way to check … Read More

Remember to share your wins!

Remember to share wins. During the day to day grind of running a software company, it’s important for business facing team members to remember that your development team is not only human, but also is inspired and excited on many … Read More

Moonman uses BugSplat crash reports to build a great game.

The developer behind the Kickstarter-funded indie video game Moonman talks about using crash reporting during development and how you should mix lemonade with an IPA. Ben Porter is the developer behind the game Moonman. He was able to get 1,873 backers to … Read More