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Know when and why your game is crashing. Quickly fix the problem. Get back to work on the fun stuff.

Simple and powerful crash reporting for your video game

Integrate BugSplat crash reporting today to easily build and support better video games for your users.

Easily track your game crashes

Quickly integrate BugSplat with your game to begin tracking every crash your users experience.

Understand why your game crashed

BugSplat crash reports are grouped by similar stack traces and ordered by how often they happen. This lets you see the bugs that happen most frequently, giving you the data needed to prioritize fixes.


Fix your crashes fast

The deep data collected by BugSplat on individual crashes gives you the information you need to quickly eliminate problematic bugs.

Effortlessly monitor your game’s health

Easily determine if a fix you’ve pushed out is working, and monitor your software’s stability so that you can stay ahead of future crises.


BugSplat has helped immensely with the testing of Moonman. It was super easy to set up and customize to fit within my game.
Moonman Ben Porter

Customize Your BugSplat Crash Box

It’s easy to customize the BugSplat Crash Box to make it fit seamlessly with your game. Including the Powered by BugSplat tag shows your users you take crashes and stability issues seriously.

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These companies don’t worry about crash reporting.

BugSplat enables teams to build seriously good software by streamlining their support and development process with stellar crash reporting data.

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3. Collect crash reports

Enjoy a level of understanding about your software’s stability and crashes you previously thought impossible.