A nuclear physicist, a top secret government research facility, a forgotten experiment, and the invention of the first true video game. We discuss the early history of an important step towards modern gaming.

What is the difference between bug tracking and crash reporting? They both sound similar, but fulfil very different roles in the process of building and shipping great code. We break down how they are different, and why each is critically important to your development process.

Music for video games is immensely important. It sets the mood of the world you’ve created as well as guides players as they advance through the game. However, finding good music for your game project can be hard and expensive. It doesn't have to be!

A common stumbling block for new BugSplat users is getting symbols to upload properly for Windows (native and .NET).
To help alleviate this issue we’ve put in a helpful way to check if you’ve done this right.

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Dustin Henry is an Austin-based Sr. Developer for Atlassian’s Hipchat team. He tells us why crash reporting is for his team and how BugSplat has become part of their support process.


Kickstarter-backed indie video game Moonman talks about crash reporting during development and how to mix lemonade with beer.


Tom Vandervort is the cofounder at Planifi, a BugSplat customer, and big advocate for crash reporting.

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