Integrating Jira with BugSplat

Fast communication, detailed issues based on crash data, and a streamlined workflow for your team.

By integrating Jira with BugSplat, you can create new defects from your crash reports with a single click.

Hyperlinks allow quick navigation from defects to crash reports and back. Defects created from BugSplat automatically include symbolic call stack information as well as other crash-specific data that can help your team crush bugs faster.

BugSplat helps teams create more stable applications by collecting detailed information each time their users crash.

When you combine BugSplat’s crash reporting data with Jira, you give your team instant access to all the information they need to efficiently fix your most critical defects.

Integrating Jira with your BugSplat account takes no time at all. Visit our Jira doc to learn more.

BugSplat was the clear winner, given your feature set, ease of implementation into Hipchat, and the fact that you were already ahead of the curve with a Jira integration for tracking defects beyond the initial crash report.

Dustin Henry, Sr Software Engineer @ Atlassian