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Today we're announcing BugSplat's new look to our customers via email. We've made some pretty significant updates, and we're excited to walk you through them.

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What's changed and what's stayed the same:

With this release, we've updated our logo, colors, font, imagery, and illustrations. We feel that these changes reflect what we think about our brand—that it's fun and playful, that we're not taking ourselves too seriously.

We've also rebuilt our website and reorganized many of our resources to make them more useful for our users. A few highlights:

  • We refurbished, revamped, and reorganized our support documentation to make it easier to navigate and find the article for which you are searching. Additionally, we've added an updated search tool.

  • We've rebuilt our blog to highlight the content we put out there. We're quite proud of what goes up on our blog, and we want it to shine. It now lives under our Resources tab on the top menu.
  • Talking about the resource menu, we've created a new BugSplat 101, Guides and Tips sections to help users get the most out of BugSplat from sign up through actively using our tool every day in production.

Note: This update does not change the way that our web application or crash reporting tool works. We're always updating, changing, and improving our tools. However, this brand update and front-end website build will not affect your day-to-day use of our product.

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How we've gotten here

Our 'Bug' logo is something we're very fond of here at BugSplat. We've had several versions of it over our decade of existence, and every time we update it, there’s a lot of thought and debate.

We love modern and elegant brand design, but we never want to lose the uniqueness of our logo.

We feel that this brand update strikes an acceptable balance between staying true to who we are while not hiding from where we want to go.

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What you need to know

There isn't a lot for our current users to worry about with this update. There's no immediatly important tasks associated with anything we've pushed live today.

On thing to consider is that we've updated our Brand page where you can download the new brand assets for BugSplat and see our design guidelines.

You may also want to update your crash dialog to include the new logo and design. This change is cosmetic and won't change the functionality of the crash dialog.

Click here for a guide on how to update to the latest crash dialog.

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