Cofounder of the A/E project management start-up Planifi talks with us about how he unwinds after a long week and the impact crash reporting has had on his software development and support process.

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BugSplat: Hi, Tom! Where is Planifi located?

Tom from Planifi: We are based out of Boston but have development resources in New Hampshire.

BugSplat: How do you kick back and relax after a long week building software?

Tom: I play drums with the Middlesex County Volunteers, who are a fife and drum group. We play all over New England and occasionally travel internationally. You can learn more at or of course YouTube.

BugSplat: That is very cool! Planifi provides tools for architects and engineers. Do you mind telling us a little about what exactly you do?

Tom: Absolutely! We have a visual set of project planning and budgeting tools designed specifically for architecture and engineering firms. You can learn more on our site.

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BugSplat: You’ve been using BugSplat now for about a year. What are the problems that crash reporting helps you solve?

Tom: BugSplat does two great things for us. First, we get detailed stack information about the defect, helping us to quickly identify the root cause. Second, we view reports that show us the number of times a defect has occurred. This enables us to focus on resolving the most frequent defects first.

BugSplat: At what point in the development cycle do you guys use BugSplat the most—after a release, before a release, or during development?

Tom: All of the above! We use BugSplat during development and testing as well as after release. BugSplat is integrated into Jira, our software tracking system, as well, making it easy to track progress toward a resolution.

BugSplat: That's excellent that you integrate with Jira (see how to integrate BugSplat with your defect tracker here). Have you seen a difference in your software’s stability since starting to use BugSplat?

Tom: We are growing fast and adding new users all of the time. BugSplat has enabled us to resolve our most frequent defects, and our defect rate is actually declining. This is a real benefit to our customers and, of course, to us!

BugSplat: Thanks for taking the time to do this! Anything you want to pass along to the folks reading this?

Tom: If you are interested in learning more, please visit and watch our 1-minute video overview.

We are unique in that we offer a 90-day trial period so that we can be sure the software is right for you before you pay (see our website for details).

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