List of recent product changes and updates for BugSplat. We announce these updates via Twitter.

18-May-2019: Web App Updates

  • Fixed BugSplat on Dashboard page when Crashes API was unreachable

25-May-2019: SendPdbs

  • SendPdbs now uploads multiple symbol files in parallel to improve upload speed. The new version of SendPdbs can be downloaded separately and is also included in the updated versions of the Windows Native, Windows .NET, Unreal, Unity, and Crashpad SDKs.

17-May-2019: Web App Updates

  • Released Crash Details page
  • Added subscription enforcement dialog
  • Added Stack Key ID column to Summary page
  • Improved mobile layout

5-May-2019: Web App Updates

  • Added 'Key' column to Key Crash page

1-May-2019: C++ SDK Updates

  • VS2017 upgrade for C++ SDK. As of this release, our C++ SDK no longer supports Windows XP and Windows Vista.

30-April-2019: Web App Updates

  • Fixed bug where Intercom didn't display for new users
  • Fixed BugSplat when viewing Symbols page in Safari

25-April-2019: Web App Updates

  • Added 'First Reported' and 'Last Reported' to Key Crash page
  • Fixed column resize issue on all pages
  • Set Defect Id and Stack Key Defect Id column defaults to hidden

24-April-2019: Web App Updates

  • Reduced row height of all tables to display more data on page
  • Changed '+ Add Filter' to '+ Column Search'
  • Added database param to Key Crash links

19-April-2019: Web App Updates

  • Added link to sub keyed stack key on Key Crash page
  • Fixed 401 BugSplats

18-April-2019: Web App Updates

  • Added sub key indicator to Key Crash page
  • Added sub key indicator to Summary page
  • Set 'Last Report' as default sort column on Summary page

16-April-2019: Released V2 Symbols Page

  • Release of updated Symbols page in V2

8-April-2019: Web App Update

  • Fixing loading of Intercom on V2 pages

8-April-2019 -OS X SDK Updates

  • Ability to display a support response after submitting a crash.
  • Ability to persist user's name and email so they are pre-filled next time the crash dialog appears.
  • Ability to set a crash report expiry. When set the dialog will not show after the expiry time but the crash will still be uploaded.

5-April-2019: UWP / .NET Standard Beta Release

  • Released BugSplatDotNetStandard version 1.0.0 on NuGet which supports all .NET 2.0 standard platforms. For information on how to integrate BugSplatDotNetStandard please see our docs.

5-April-2019: BugSplat Website Update

  • Company Details updates to support new subscription model
  • Fix bug with handling of empty Symbols API response
  • Crash Details updates

26-March-2019: BugSplat Website Update

  • IE support
  • Added Stack Key Defect Id indicator to Key Crash page
  • Fixed bug where greater than filter was less than and vice versa

25-March-2019: BugSplat Website Update

  • Fix conflicting style where filter hover was black instead of white
  • Fix bug where user couldn't filter date columns
  • Fix bug where IE wouldn't load due to missing padStart function
  • Get nextCrashId, previousCrashId from API in Crash Details page
  • Handle 401 in Crash Details component

16-March-2019: BugSplat Website Update

  • Fix for defectId filtering
  • Fix 401 BugSplat in DAV selector component
  • Fix KeyCrash chart title overflow on mobile
  • Truncate All Crash, Summary, Key Crash table overflow with ellipsis
  • Truncate database selector overflow with ellipsis

08-March-2019: BugSplat Website Update

  • Added mailto link to Email column on Key Crash page
  • Added support for filtering Summary page by application and version
  • Fixed BugSplat in time since last crash component

07-March-2019: Web Application Updates

  • Fixed issue where chart data might be missing based on the current time and current timezone
  • Fixed header padding issue on Company Details page
  • Fixed spacing issue in Crash Details view

07-March-2019: Web Application Updates

  • Fixed issue where chart data might be missing based on the current time and current timezone
  • Fixed header padding issue on Company Details page
  • Fixed spacing issue in Crash Details view

04-March-2019: Web Application Updates

  • Fixed splat when viewing row details on KeyCrash page

03-March-2019: Web Application Updates

  • Added ability to reset application/version/timeframe filter
  • Fix for defectId column on KeyCrash page
  • Fix for filter spacing
  • Show 'Pending...' in recent crashes widget while a new stack key is processing
  • Fix for missing 'Application Filter Enabled' indicator on Summary page

19-Feb-2019: Update to our Angular integration.

  • bugsplat-ng updated to 1.0.0
  • Fixes bug where rethrowErrors would attempt to recursively post to BugSplat
  • Replaces rethrowError with an error log statement

15-Feb-2019: Auth0 integration for login security

  • As part of our continuing security program at BugSplat, we’re switching to an authentication service called Auth0 for all of our account logins. Set via the Password page.
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for two-step login protocol requiring separate verification from a mobile device to access your account
    • Federated logins via Google, Github, and Microsoft accounts


  • Fixed bug where email column cutoff on Users page (mobile)
  • Fixed bug where id column was cut off on KeyCrash page (mobile)
  • Fixed broken link on Login page
  • Added mailto links to email addresses on Crashes page


  • Released new Users page


  • Fixed 403 error that happened when logging in as a different user
  • Fixed crash that happened when invalid time frame was set in the date picker


  • Released new Key Crash page
  • Released new Summary page (beta)
  • Fixed bug where charts were the wrong color
  • Added support for displaying times in local timezone

25-Jan-2019: Beta releases of KeyCrash and Users Page

  • BugSplat has released beta versions of the KeyCrash page and the User page. This is available to our beta users. If you are interested in becoming a beta user, please email us at

15-Jan-2019: Time frame and Time Filter Update:

  • Bug fix for page change resetting the Time Frame filter. Additionally, we released a feature where timezone information for crashes will now display on the Dashboard and Crashes pages.

09-Dec-2018: New Crashes Page Release

  • BugSplat has released a rebuilt version of the Crash page. This release includes the launch of new features including:
    • Advanced column filtering options: use the +Add Filter button to quickly find the crashes you're searching for based on an expanded field of inputs.
    • Customizable column visibility settings easily show or hide columns to improve your workflow in BugSplat.
    • In-row crash details: click the far left > to see information on any crash without having to navigate to the individual crash page.
    • Improved crash comment column: quickly add comments to an individual crash from right on the All Crash page.

09-Nov-2018: Unity Native Version 1.2.0

  • Added support for passing flags to BsSndRpt. The BugSplat.MSDF_LOGCONSOLE flag will instruct BsSndRpt to not remove the dmp file when posting a crash report. Fixes bug that prevented some crash reports from being sent to BugSplat.

31-October-2018: SendPdbs

  • This update forces SendPdb symbol uploads to use TLS1.2, which improves security during upload. The log output has also been updated to include timestamps and a new /verbose flag which may be useful in diagnosing slow uploads. The new version of SendPdbs can be downloaded separately and is also included in the updated versions of the Windows Native, Windows .NET, Unreal, Unity, and Crashpad SDKs.

19-Oct-2018: Planned Database Upgrade

  • BugSplat will be upgrading our database on Saturday October 27th. The website will be operational during the upgrade, however, there will be a short period of time where new data will not be persisted in the updated database. If you notice any missing data from the morning of 27-Oct-2018 (MST) please contact Our support team is here to recover anything that is critical.

17-Sept-2018: BugsplatMac

  • Released version 1.0.7 of the BugsplatMac SDK. This release includes support for multiple file attachments.

15-September-2018: Planned Database Upgrade

  • We experienced brief periods (1-2 minutes) of web app downtime during our database upgrade on Saturday September 15th. During these periods new crash reports may have been rejected by our servers.

30-August-2018: Intermittent Authentication Errors

  • From August 28th through the morning of August 30th, BugSplat experienced intermittent errors connecting to our AWS DynamoDB database. These errors typically appeared under high load. As a result, some customers experienced failures during login or when using SendPdbs for automatic symbol uploads. A restart of our EC2 instances appears to have cleared the problem. Our investigation to determine the root cause of the issue continues. Postmortem: It appears that configuration changes to a DynamoDB table invalidated some existing DynamoDB connections. A restart cleared the problem.

27-August-2018: Version

  • This release fixes a bug in setGuardBytesBufferSize() in the Windows Native SDK. All customers using setGuardBytesBufferSize() should upgrade to this version.

14-August-2018: Unreal Upgrade

  • Integrating Unreal with BugSplat is now performed by configuration changes in the Unreal environment. See Unreal Integration for a full description. Our previous Unreal SDK package has been removed from the site.

07-August-2018: Electron Crash Analysis

  • Electron spawns multiple processes and applications should call electron.crashReporter.start in each process to register a Crashpad/Breakpad handler with the appropriate metadata. In the past, failure to register all processes could result in crash reports that could not be analyzed. BugSplat now attempts to provide a good default when this information isn't supplied.

01-August-2018: Dashboard Release

  • Dashboard replaces Overview as the in-app landing page. Includes improvements to charting, mobile responsiveness, and analytics.
  • Compare crash rate across custom timeframes.
  • Easily view total crash volume using custom timeframes.
  • Drill down by application, database, and version.
  • Compare crash rate to previous timeframes

30-July-2018: Version

  • Added new method setGuardBytesBufferSize(). This can be used along with the MDSF_USEGUARDMEMORY option to specify the size (in bytes) of the guard buffer. The default buffer size is 4 mb.

11-June-2018: Unity Native Version 1.1.0

  • Added support for Unity 2018.1.

25-May-2018: Unreal Version 1.4.0

  • Added the ability to specify a folder with additional files that will be attached to the crash report upload.

25-May-2018: Unity Native Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed an issue where crashes that occurred in quick succession wouldn't post correctly. Fixed an issue locating crash files on systems when the username was changed and no longer matched the user profile directory.

25-May-2018: GDPR Compliance

  • Published document outlining the steps we've taken to be GDPR compliant. It includes details on how to enter into a DPA with BugSplat. Further updates to our Security page as well as our Privacy Policy.

02-May-2018: SendPdbs Version, BsSndRpt Version

  • Upgrade of SendPdbs that improves symbol uploads and provides additional information on the Symbol Details page. This version also improves the Symbol Details page performance. Fixed an issue in BsSndRpt with '&' characters in the user description.

12-Apr-2018: Unity Cross-Platform Version 1.4.0

  • Added ability to specify a callback that is executed after an error is posted to BugSplat via Reporter.SetCallback(Action<bool, string> callback). Fixed a warning about UnityWebRequest.Send being obsolete.