List of recent product changes and updates for BugSplat. We announce these updates via Twitter.

19-June-2017: Version 3.0.0

Added support for UWP.

6/15/2017 - Version

Added support for '+' characters in version numbers.

14-June-2017: Version 2.0.1

Asynchronous uploading of additional files.

13-June-2017: Version 1.0.1

Initial release of node.js error reporting.

08-June-2017: Version

Fixed a bug that prevented the tech support response page from displaying in certain circumstances.

27-May-2017: Version 1.1.0

Added support for paths containing spaces.

24-May-2017: Version

Support for upload size limit per database. Added option for user to specify zip file path. Forced all network traffic to be on secure HTTPS.

19-May-2017: Version

Added removeAdditionalFiles() method.

12-May-2017: Version

Upload size restriction now enforced per database. Enterprise customers can get options to upload crash reports larger than 2mb. Crash reports now post directly to S3, for improved speed and reliability.

28-April-2017: Version 1.0.0

Initial release of BugSplat’s CrashReportClient.

21-April-2017: Version

Converted to Unicode build. Dropped MBCS and C interfaces. Added setMinidumpType(), previously only available to a limited set of customers.


Samples now use .NET 4.5. This allows us to support unwatchedExceptions. Added new UnwatchedException test in myDotNetCrasher.


Fixed incorrect link for manually posting crash reports.


Added support for setResourceDllPath().

26-July-2016 - Version 2.1.0

Defect fixes and performance improvements.