How To Fix BugSplats

If you see the BugSplat crash dialog it means that the program you were running crashed.

The best thing you can do is fill out the 'User Description' box, and hit Send. Your description of events before the crash with a snapshot is immensely helpful for developers.

Here are some things to try...

Software crashes stink! Luckily, a few easy steps can fix problems causing BugSplats. Follow the steps below to try and fix your BugSplat

Follow any the applicable steps below to try and fix your problem:

  1. Make sure that your application and drivers are up-to-date. If you are missing a recent release, your crash could be fixed by updating.

  2. If everything is up to date, try rebooting or reinstalling your application.

  3. Make sure your system has compatible drivers and graphics cards for running your application.

  4. Try restarting your computer.


If you are a BugSplat customer looking to share resources on how your users can fix common causes of BugSplats, please email support.