Your Guide to the Crash Dialog

The Crash Dialog is the customer-facing part of the BugSplat SDK. Throughout our history, it has been seen billions of times as our users employ our crash reporting technology to track and monitor critical defects in their deployed applications.

The Crash Dialog shows up as a pop-up that appears when a critical defect has caused their application to crash while in use.

BugSplat Crash Dialog

The Crash Dialog prompts end-users to submit a description of what led the crash even and, depending on how you've configured BugSplat and your privacy requirements, allows your users to leave information like a name and email address.

The Crash Dialog comes branded with the BugSplat logo out of the box. For all plans, we allow customization of the dialog to reflect your company's brand.

This is not required to use BugSplat, and we're happy if you leave our logo in place.

If you do end up customizing the crash dialog, we request that you include 'Crash Reporting by BugSplat' somewhere on the dialog box.

Learn more about customizing the Dialog box here.