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The 'Method' column contains a list of methods in the stack trace of the thread that caused your program to crash. Depending on the platform you may see methods that don't match your source code. This is because platforms such as Windows Native, .NET Framework, Crashpad, Breakpad, OS X, Unity Native and Unreal require you to upload symbols for each version you release in order to calculate the correct method names. For more information on how to upload symbols please see the documentation for your platform.

Additionally, the 'Method' column contains a link for each function in the call stack. Clicking this link allows you to group crashes at a different level of the call stack. Grouping at a different level of the call stack is called 'Subkeying' and is useful in cases such as a crash that occurs in a 3rd party library, or when additional stack frames are added by a crash reporter. For more information on Subkeying please see this document.