Crash Specific Support Responses

This feature allows applications to display a message to the user after they have submitted a crash report. The message can either be a general message for Crashes, or it can be specific to a BugSplat Stack Key. Display of the technical support response is controlled by settings at the BugSplat website.

Here’s how you control this option.

  1. Select any Stack Key from the Summary page. You’ll get a page similar to what’s shown below.
  2. optional tech support response 1

  3. On the above page, click the "Tech Support Response" button. You’ll get a page similar to what’s shown below. This page is used to create a Stack Key specific message. If the Subject and Message fields are not empty, a technical response will be displayed for new crashes with this Stack Key. To control the default technical response message, select the default message “here” link shown below.
  4. optional tech support response 2

  5. The default message page shown below controls the default technical support response message in a similar manner. This is the message that will be displayed if there is no Stack Key specific message for a crash report.
  6. optional tech support response 3