Using SendPdbs to Automatically Upload Symbol Files

Many customers automate the upload of Windows symbols and executables using the BugSplat utility SendPdbs.exe.

Each build of your product that is used to send crash reports must have an exact set of matching exe/symbol files uploaded to BugSplat. Typically you will provide a unique BugSplat application name/version for each build.

Feel free to send symbols to BugSplat for every build on your build/integration server. There is no limit on the amount of symbols you can post to BugSplat. However, BugSplat will automatically remove unreferenced symbols in large symbol sets. If your database contains more than 5 gigabytes of symbol data, our cleanup algorithm will automatically remove symbols that haven't been referenced by a crash report in more than 90 days. Additionally, newly posted symbols not referenced by a crash report within 15 days will be removed.

You can download the BugSplatSendPdbs file by clicking here.

Running SendPdbs.exe in a command window without any arguments show the following usage information: