Getting Started with BugSplat

One: Create your account

To begin sign up for your free trial by clicking the link below.

You'll have 30 days of unrestricted crash reporting goodness to see if BugSplat is the right solution for your team and your software.

We're confident you'll dig it.

Sign up for your 30-day trial!

Two: Integrate and test

Once you have your account you'll need to configure your application to send crash reports to BugSplat.

Each guide below is built to help you easily configure your software to send crash reports to BugSplat.

To get a feel for BugSplat before enabling your application, feel free to experiment with the sample applications.

Four: Integrate with your tools

Once your application is up and running make sure to integrate BugSplat's crash reporting into your workflow.

Slack Hipchat Jira BugZilla DevTrack Fogbugz Axosoft
Five: Get your team involved

Adding team members is an important part of getting the most out of BugSplat. It's also really easy.

Just navigate to the Users page and enter the email address of your team members.

Bonus: Give yourself a high-five