What is BugSplat Error?

BugSplat is an industry leading application crash reporting tool and the processing of minidumps for crash analysis. BugSplat has been the industry standard for over ten years. BugSplat helps teams find and fix bugs on on over 100+ million machines around the globe.

BugSplat is a crash reporter. A crash reporter is a piece of code that helps developers find when, where, and how frequently their software crashes while in use.

When your application shuts down unexpectedly, or runs into some other type of critical problem,. BugSplat reports on this event. These events are known as crashes or errors.

BugSplat, the company, is a group of dedicated and nerdy developers who have spent years building and perfecting the best way to track when software applications and video games crash.

This is important because no code is perfect and all programs crash. Period.

If you saw a BugSplat after your software shut down unexpectedly, it means that the developers behind your software are dedicated to its quality. That's a really good thing!

If you know of a software program or video game which could use BugSplat, please let us know at support[at]bugsplat.com. You can also create a free account below.

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