Are my Windows symbols working?

A common stumbling block for new BugSplat users is properly uploading symbols for Windows (native and .NET). To help make this issue easier we’ve put in a way to check if symbols have been uploaded properly.

How it works:

Go to the individual crash page and click on the ‘Calculate Details’ button.

windows symbols

When you press this button the text will popup which tells you ‘Obtaining detailed information for this report (this may take several minutes)’.

windows symbols

Once the data is obtained the fields of Function, Location, Code, OS, and Explanation will be populated with all available information.

If you scroll down through the crash details you’ll find a column labeled ‘Symbols’ in the modules section. There you’ll be able to view if symbols have been properly uploaded for each crash. This column will have one of three different values which tell you about symbols.

  • deferred: debugger doesn’t need the module’s exe/dll/symbols to unwind the stack.
  • file not found: debugger needs the module’s exe/dll/symbols to unwind the stack, but the exe/dll with matching debug signature cannot be located.
  • symbols not found: the debugger needs the module’s exe/dll/symbols to unwind the stack and the matching exe/dll has been located, but not the symbols.
  • pdb symbols: debugger needs the module’s exe/dll/symbols to unwind the stack and they have been loaded successfully.

Make sure that the exe/dll/pdb for all modules under your control have been uploaded.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t provide symbol information for all of the operating system modules, so “file not found” is a fairly common occurrence.

Presence of a call stack warning that reads, “Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.” is an indication that the debugger did not have access to the files it needed.