BugSplat-Deno is a TypeScript error reporting system for Deno applications.


To add the bugsplat package to your application, run the following shell command at the root of your project’s directory:

Create a new instance of the BugSplat class with the name of your BugSplat database, the name of your application and the version of your application:

Use bugsplat-deno to capture errors that originate inside of try-catch blocks:

You can also use bugsplat-deno to post errors from non-fatal promise rejections:

After posting an error with bugsplat-deno, navigate to the Crashes page. You should see a new crash report for the application you just configured. Click the link in the ID column to see details about your crash on the Crashes page:

BugSplat deno crash example BugSplat deno crash example 2

That’s it! Your application is now configured to post crash reports to BugSplat.


In addition to the configuration demonstrated above, there are a few public methods that can be used to customize your BugSplat integration:


BugSplat loves open source software! Please check out our project on GitHub and send us a Pull Request.