Testing Electron crashes with the sample application myElectronCrasher

The my-electron-crasher sample demonstrates how to use BugSplat's npm package to track JavaScript errors in your Electron application. This sample also demonstrates how to use Electron's Breakpad based crashReporter for tracking internal framework crashes with BugSplat. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Clone this repository or download the zip from the releases tab
  2. Open terminal or command prompt in this project's root directory
  3. npm install && npm run start
  4. Click any of the crash buttons in the application window to test the BugSplat integration
  5. Navigate to BugSplat's Crashes page in your web browser
  6. When prompted to log in, use the username "fred@bugsplat.com" and password "Flintstone"
  7. Click the ID of your crash to see crash details

In order to see function names and line numbers of internal framework crashes you will need to upload symbol files to BugSplat. To enable automatic symbol resolution for Electron crashes, ensure the 'Include Electron Symbols' option is checked on the Options page. Symbol files are not required for JavaScript crashes.

Symbol files can be found on Electron's releases page. Use Breakpad's symupload utility to post symbols to BugSplat. More information about posting Breakpad symbols to BugSplat can be found here.

For more information about getting started with Electron check out the Quick Start Guide within the Electron documentation. For additional help using BugSplat, check out the documentation on our website or email support(at)bugsplat.com if you have any questions.