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BugZilla integration with BugSplat crash reports allows your team to create defects with a single-button click. Hyperlinks allow quick navigation from defects to crash reports and back. Defects created from BugSplat automatically include symbolic call stack information as well as other crash-specific data that can help your team crush bugs faster.

Integrating Bugzilla with BugSplat

    1. Create a new defect from an individual crash report page or a stack key page by using the ‘Create a new defect’ link.
    2. integrate BugSplat with bugzilla 1

    3. Selecting the ‘Create a new defect’ link brings you to this page.
    4. integrate BugSplat with bugzilla 2

    5. Selecting the Submit button will create the defect.
    6. integrate BugSplat with bugzilla 3

    7. Go to BugZilla to view your new issue based on your BugSplat crash report.