Hipchat HiphChat integration with BugSplat

BugSplat’s integration with Hipchat allows your team to receive updates directly from BugSplat.

  1. Log into Hipchat as an administrator
  2. From the navigation bar, click the Group Admin button and navigate to the “Info” tab. Please save the full Hipchat Url for use in a later step.
  3. bugsplat_hipchat_1
  4. From within the admin section, navigate to the “Rooms” tab and select the room you want to send notifications to.
  5. bugsplat_hipchat_2
  6. From the “Room” page, click the “Tokens” link from the menu on the left and create a new token. Give this token the scope “Send Notification” and the label “BugSplat”. Please save this token as well so that it can be used in a later step.
  7. bugsplat_hipchat_3 bugsplat_hipchat_4
  8. Log into BugSplat and navigate to the Options page. Select the database you want to connect to Hipchat.
  9. bugsplat_hipchat_5
  10. Enter the Hipchat Url, Token and Room ID in the Hipchat section of the Options page. Select the types of notifications you’d like to receive and click Apply
  11. bugsplat_hipchat_6
  12. Verify that you've received a notification in the selected room confirming the Hipchat connection was set up properly. Thanks again for using BugSplat! Happy hunting!