Troubleshooting Game Crashes (BugSplats) in League of Legends

Riot Games uses BugSplat to monitor game crashes and other errors. Below we pass along some information that can help you get back to playing your game quickly.

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While playing League of Legends, you may occasionally run into an issue that causes your game to unexpectedly close. When this happens, BugSplat informs you that your program has run into an error and needs to shut down.

We know that crashes are not fun—using this document will help you get back to playing League as quickly as possible.

lol bugsplat crash dialogue
Standard League of Legeneds Crash Dialogue Box

Actions to take when you get a BugSplat

The first thing to do when you get a BugSplat error is to submit the report. To do this, document what happened before your crash and hit “Send Error Report.”

This might seem like a pain, but getting a short description about what caused your crash is a really helpful tool for developers when fixing the problem behind your error.

After submitting your crash report, you may not see this error again. If the error does persist, then follow the steps in the next segment.

Further troubleshooting

If your issue persists, then you should visit Riot's support forum to get help getting back to playing LoL.

Some common problems include (but are not limited to):

  • Minimum system requirements not met
  • Your operating system is out of date and needs to be updated
  • DirectX needs to be updated
  • There is a corrupt game file
  • There are non-essential processes running that are affecting your game
  • Your game settings are incorrectly configured

If none of the suggestions on Riot support forum fix your problem then you should submit a ticket to Riot support.

What is BugSplat?

BugSplat is a software development tool called a Crash Reporter. BugSplat is used by companies that make software applications and video games to help protect their code from bugs that cause crashes.

Today, BugSplat is used by many companies, large and small, to fix bugs in all kinds of software and video games. You can learn more about how BugSplat specifically helps companies fix bugs on our Features page.

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