Get BugSplat Alerts in Discord

Connecting your Discord account with BugSplat allows your team to get alerted to new crashes without leaving Discord.

BugSplat Team Avatar Flatirons
The BugSplat Team

You can now link your Discord and BugSplat accounts to receive crash alerts directly in Discord.

For those who do not know, Discord is a powerful communication tool that lets teams collaborate over voice, video, screen-sharing, or text. It's also pretty darn popular with gamers.

If your team is already using Discord, then it's time for you to link it with BugSplat and start receiving crash alerts. It takes about 5-minutes to complete and will help your team stay on top of potentially damaging new crashes and new crash types experienced by your users.

Getting alerts directly in one of your team's channels is an incredibly powerful tool for fixing crashes and keeping your software stable.

Are you interested in this new feature? You can get more information in our Discord Integration Guide.

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