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Track, monitor, manage, and help prevent future crashes with the most proven crash reporting tool around - BugSplat.

“BugSplat was super easy to set up and customize to fit within my game.”
Ben Porter, Video Game Developer

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The data provided by our crash reporter is critical for the development, support and ongoing success of games from these amazing companies and many, many more.

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What great crash data looks like:

Track, monitor, manage, and help prevent future crashes with the most proven software crash reporting tool on the market.

Scales with your game as it grows from indie starlet to Esports phenomenon. BugSplat will be with you the entire way.

Ensure a smooth launch when shipping your new game or realeasing a big update. Watch up to the minute details on how stable your new code is once shipped.

Automatically collect data on your critical errors without having to lift a finger.

Regain critical time your team used to spend replicating crashes and tracking down bugs.

Spot larger trends in your game’s stability when you sort errors by how frequently they occur for your users.

Compare the crash rates of different release versions to see if your fixes are having a positive impact on your game's stability.

Game Engine Ready

Get the very best crash data from the begining of development through launch with BugSplat for Unity and Unreal Engine.

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