At BugSplat we work our tails off to provide our customers with the best possible crash reporting tool we can. We do this because we know that applications and video games are better and more stable when developers have full data on their user’s crashes.

Our company started as an informal side project for a handful of passionate engineers. These brave souls, led by our president and Head Geek David Plunkett, were frustrated with having free nights and weekends to spend with their friends and family. They also happened to believe that application crash reporting should be easier, cheaper, and better than it was at the time.

Since this humble beginning we’ve grown a lot. Today our code is on more than 100 million desktops around the planet as an integral part of the support process for some of the world’s most popular software applications and video games. Developers all over the world rely on us every day to help them fix their most vexing support problems. How cool is that?

BugSplat is built in several cities around the United States (we’re big fans of distributed teams), but our HQ is on Walnut St in Boulder, CO.

If you’re interested in becoming part of our team check out our Jobs page to see our current openings.