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Free Tier

1 user
1 application
Documents Support


1-3 users
1 application
Documents Support

Small Team

4-10 users
5 applications
Documents Support

Large Team

11-20 users
Unlimited applications
Premium Support

What plan is right for my team?

To pick the appropriate plan for your company, look around you and count your total team members, then pick the plan above that has that many users. Each plan includes enough yearly crash reports for the average team of that size. It’s not an exact science, but it is a great spot to start. We can always work with you after you sign up to tailor your account volume to fit your company’s unique needs.

What is a user?

Users are our way of helping you estimate your first year crash volume and determine which plan is right for your team. If your team has 10 members your application’s crash volume will probably be around 50k yearly crashes. Users also determine how many login credentials come with each plan. The Startup plan comes with a maximum of 3 unique login credentials for your team. The Large Team plan comes with a maximum of 20 unique login credentials.

How does the 30-day trial work?

Just sign up for your account and start using BugSplat as a regular user. For the first 30-days you’ll have full access to BugSplat’s crash reporting tool. When the 30-day trial expires, you’ll be asked to upgrade to a paid plan.

Is there a free plan?

We offer a free plan for individual users, consultants, and contractors. The plan covers one user working on one application. It allows you to process up to 2,000 crashes a year. If you have a larger team or need more volume, please upgrade to an appropriate paid plan.

How many crash reports come with each plan?

The total number of yearly crash reports is equal to the highest number of users in each plan multiplied by 5,000. For example, the Small Team plan includes 10 unique users and 50,000 crash reports a year. If you need more volume, it is easy to upgrade—just contact

What if I need to add more volume?

Thats great, to upgrade your yearly crash volume just contact and we’ll get you sorted. It’s easy to add more volume to your account.

What if I have more than 20 users?

For teams larger than 20 please contact sales about our enterprise pricing. We are really friendly and would love to chat with you –

Can I pay yearly?

Absolutely. We offer both monthly (credit card) and annual (invoice) pricing. Please email requests for annual invoices to