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BugSplat is always looking to hire talented people to join our ever-growing team of developers, product folks, and support staff.

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Boulder, Colorado

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Crashes tracked this year

100s of millions

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200 Million +

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As a bootstrapped software startup, we're all about enabling talented, driven, and creative people to do extraordinary work.

Everyone at BugSplat has multiple roles, and that's the way we like it.

We value remote work, excellent communication, and people who treat our team, customers, and themselves with respect and compassion.

Dave Working at Galvanize
BugSplat Team in Boulder
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We're always trying to be better - better to ourselves, our teammates, and our customers. Providing the infrastructure around making our people better is our first priority.

“They pay me money and I haven't run away in fear!”

Zander Louie Junior Programer