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BugSplat is a crash and error reporting tool that helps developers find, understand, fix, and monitor crash-causing bugs in any app.
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"BugSplat has helped us find and fix crashes since we went into Early Access over a year ago. Now we are actually running out of crashes to fix haha."

Ben Humphreys
Ben Humphreys
UI programmer and designer

What you can do with BugSplat


Uncover application crashes no matter where they're hiding

BugSplat automates the process of collecting data on crashes, giving teams a full report on critical defects as soon as they occur.

Cross-platform crash reporting provides insight wherever your apps are deployed

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Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

Triage crash defects really, really fast

Quickly get the heart of what caused a crash and use contextual data to evaluate how critical a defect is to fix.

BugSplat removes the need to replicate crashes, saving teams time in the support and development process.


Efficiently fix crash-causing bugs

Decrease the time it takes to fix a crash by removing the need to replicate issues behind defects. Use collaborative tools to work on fixing application defects as a team.

Connect your defect tracker to iterate faster on bug fixes

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Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

Keep a close eye on application performance and health

Learn whenever something out of the ordinary is happening in an app and calmly fix it before you finish your first cup of coffee.

Get real-time alerts in your favorite tools

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Learn more about the BugSplat Crash Reporting Workflow.
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Why BugSplat?

For quality-conscious companies around the world, BugSplat makes tracking application defects and monitoring application performance simple. Each year we save teams thousands of hours supporting their +350 million installations around the globe. Whether you are at a startup or a Fortune 500 company, BugSplat can help you out.

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Straightforward setup

With easy-to-understand and thorough documentation, streamlined onboarding, and a simple UI, BugSplat makes it simple to get started.

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Deploy at any scale

BugSplat is hosted on AWS, making performance for large applications feel and act the same as smaller ones.

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Secure and private

BugSplat is GDPR and SOC-2 compliant. We have a rigorous security program built to keep our users' information safe.

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Our systems operate at a 99.99%+ uptime and are also very scalable and redundant. BugSplat follows the highest standards from AWS.

More Solutions

Part of a larger team?

BugSplat brings together the tools larger teams need to support their applications at scale. We help companies invest in application stability while providing them the tools to spend less effort on support.

Use BugSplat across teams
Working on a game?

From indie games to some of the largest games in the world, BugSplat makes it possible for game developers to build, launch, and support exceptional games by providing data critical for understanding and improving their game's performance and stability.

Add BugSplat to your game
Karl Schmidt

"BugSplat is an important part of our development pipeline. We rely on it to help track stability during development and in production. The BugSplat team is also very responsive and helpful whenever we reach out!”

Karl Schmidt - Technical Director/Co-Founder

Gasket Games

Get started with BugSplat today.

Faster crash fixes are right around the corner.

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