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BugSplat crash reporting is the key to crushing your bugs.

BugSplat crash reporting never enter manually crashes

Deep data instantly on all your crashes.

Automatically view the actual line of code that caused your software to crash. Includes important data such as symbolic call stacks, function names, line numbers, and a user description.

BugSplat crash reporting find your most difficult bugs

Find your most difficult bugs without the hassle

BugSplat records each crash experienced by your users in detail, eliminating the chore of reproducing bugs.

BugSplat crash reporting replace your system

Replace your frustrating proprietary system

Building and maintaining your own crash reporting system is hard work. You've got plenty of that already.

BugSplat crash reporting cross platform support

Support across Windows, Mac, Linux, and more

BugSplat tracks crashes across your different platforms, allowing you to have all your crash data in one place.

Cross platform crash reporting that just works.

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"We use BugSplat on a daily basis to ensure the health of Hipchat and to verify that every new version maintains a high level of quality."

Dustin Henry, Senior Developer

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