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Get full coverage of your crash events through the entire development process. Detailed crash reporting takes the guesswork out of debugging. Ship with confidence, knowing you're ready for the inevitable.

Have a million things to do, but your software is still crashing?

Crash reporting is more than an insurance policy against bad crashes. Crash reporting is about swinging the balance between support and development in your favor. It’s hard to get anything done when you're always putting out fires. After an issue is found, debugged, and fixed, it still feels like there's always another scary bug that needs to be fixed as well.

To get more done, teams need to have crash data at their fingertips. Teams need data that will help them immediately understand the health of their application, prioritize which crashes are important to fix, and quickly isolate the root cause of any defect.

Your team needs BugSplat. BugSplat is used by 1000s of developers to guard against debilitating bugs, track critical defects, improve development workflows, and do a better job supporting their 200+ million customers every day.

Want to see everything BugSplat does to help developers like you? See how BugSplat works or get emailed a real crash report without signing up. Dive into crash reporting with our BugSplat 101 resources. If you have any questions, we'd be happy to talk with you.

“BugSplat is great. How did I live without it? I love the way BugSplat helps us avoid having to reproduce a crash.”

Brigid, QA Specialist

“Starting to use BugSplat has vastly improved the feedback and information we get from our customers when they encounter problems.”

Jon, Engineering Director

“With BugSplat we're able to identify, target, and fix those bugs that are the largest nuisance for our user-base”

Ramit, Junior Programer
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Crash reporting built for developers.

BugSplat simplifies the process of supporting your users, helping you fix bugs at any scale.

Blue Check Icon Decrease your time to deploy a fix

Detailed crash reports and developer-centric tools help you resolve defects fast. You'll notice a new crash type, view the exact line number in the stack trace that's responsible for the issue, say 'ohh I know what's broken' and deploy the fix.

Blue Check Icon Flexible and customizable to your preferred workflow

Do you use Jira, Github Issues, or some other issue tracking tool? You can create context-rich issues for your team with one click directly from a crash report. No need to change a thing—and you will love how much easier it is to fix an issue with BugSplat crash data attached.

Blue Check Icon Fix crash defects before your users notice them

The best type of crash is the one your users don't notice. When a new crash occurs, BugSplat identifies it for you immediately, giving you time fixing critical bugs before they can rip through your user-base. You'll impress your team by deploying fixes for bugs that would have been a disaster before you started using BugSplat.

Blue Check Icon Get alerted when there's a serious issue

Know when a serious problem is occurring for your users with automatic alerts sent to email or Slack.

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