League of Legends

Riot Games uses BugSplat to monitor game crashes and other errors.

While playing League of Legends you may occasionally run into an issue that causes your game to unexpectedly close. When this happens BugSplat informs you that your program has run into an error and needs to shut down.

We know that crashes are not fun - using this document will help you get back to playing League as quickly as possible.

Actions to take when you get a BugSplat

The first thing to do when you get a BugSplat error is to submit the report. To do this, document what happened before your crash and hit 'Send Error Report'.

This might seem like a pain, but getting a short description about what caused your crash is a really helpful tool for developers when fixing the problem behind your error.

After submitting your crash report you may not see this error again.

Powered by BugSplat crash dialogue

Further troubleshooting

LoL support page for BugSplat crashes

If your issue persists then you should visit Riot's support forum to get help getting back to playing LoL.

Riot's support page automatically detects you operating system -Windows or Mac (OS X) - to give you a list of common issues that may be behind your crash.

Some common problems involve minimum system requirements, out of date operating systems, corrupt game files, and incorrect game settings.

If none of the suggestions on Riot support forum fix your problem then you should submit a ticket to Riot support.

What is BugSplat?

BugSplat is a crash reporting tool developed and maintained by us - BugSplat.

We're a team of programers, coffee addicts, testers, wannabe gamers, and dog-lovers who build tools for software and game developers to find, fix, and monitor bugs in their code.

BugSplat was started as a side project back in 2004 and today thousands of developers use our crash reporter to track bugs on more than 100 million devices around the world.

Learn more by visiting our homepage.

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