Web Services API

BugSplat provides RESTful web services to access data on our backend. The BugSplat database should be selected using the "database" URL parameter. Data is returned in JSON format. Authentication is required for all endpoints. See the curl example at the end of this page for an illustration of this process.

Want to see our API in action? Open your web browser inspector to see how our web application uses the endpoints below!


You can access the web services with a variety of tools. Here’s an example using Curl to connect to the Fred database:

  • rm cookies.txt
  • curl -b cookies.txt -c cookies.txt --data "email=fred@bugsplat.com&password=Flintstone" https://app.bugsplat.com/api/authenticatev3
  • curl -b cookies.txt -c cookies.txt "https://app.bugsplat.com/allCrash?database=Fred"
  • curl -b cookies.txt -c cookies.txt "https://app.bugsplat.com/api/crash/data?id=58464&database=Fred"