List of recent product changes and updates for BugSplat. We announce these updates via Twitter.

Web App Update 16-June-2021

  • Fixed issue where exported csv had duplicate columns
  • Fixed issue where user couldn't login if database was deleted

Web App Update 15-June-2021

  • Fixed issue where database wasn't persisted when set by query param

Web App Update 10-June-2021

  • Added Reject Repeated Crashes option
  • Fixed bug in Comment callout
  • Fixed bug in ngx-charts where line chart was shaded incorrectly
  • Replaced area charts with line charts

Web App Update 04-June-2021

  • Fixed issue with emails address containing a + being unable to login

Web App Update 03-June-2021

  • Added new Comment component and renamed old component
  • Fixed incorrect sample crashes in grouped crashes table

Web App Update 21-May-2021

  • Fixed Key Crash breadcrumb overflow
  • Fixed issue opening Stripe portal with popup blocker enabled

Web App Update 17-May-2021

  • Fixed Grouped crashes table sample crashes weren't filtered by time frame
  • Fixed missing Key field on Crash page
  • Added ability to specify crash type on Migrate page
  • Added expand/collapse to long user descriptions on Crash page
  • Added new environment icons on Crash page

com.bugsplat.unity 1.1.0 Release 11-May-2021

  • Adds support for attaching Player.log and Editor.log on macOS

com.bugsplat.unity 1.0.0 Release 06-May-2021

  • Official release of redesigned Unity package to GitHub and OpenUPM

com.bugsplat.unity 0.0.2 Release 06-May-2021

  • Beta release of redesigned Unity package to GitHub and OpenUPM

BugSplatDotNetStandard 2.0.4 Release 04-May-2021

  • Adds support for posting stringified exceptions

BugSplatDotNetStandard 2.0.2 Release 29-April-2021

  • Adds support for Unity exceptions

BugSplatDotNetStandard 2.0.0 Release 29-April-2021

  • Adds support for uploading minidumps
  • Improves attachment support

Web App Update 14-April-2021

  • Fixed locals and arguments not shown for Unreal and Unity crashes
  • Fixed filtering by eempty string
  • Fixed broken platform image link to docs
  • Added forward Unreal Engine crashes to Epic option

Web App Update 08-April-2021

  • Fixed broken Contact User button on Crash page
  • Fixed bug navigating on Stack Explorer page
  • Added links to filter crashes by email and user on Crashes page
  • Crash page style updates

Web App Update 05-April-2021

  • Crash page style updates
  • Fixed issue where arguments and locals where shown on unsupported platforms
  • Fixed issue with missing placeholder in Safari date pickers

Web App Update 29-March-2021
  • Fixed issue getting Crash data for February 28th
  • Fixed issue getting Crash data for customers in timezones with 30 minute offsets
  • Fixed formatting of Total Crashes field on Dashboard page

Web App Update 26-March-2021
  • Fixed bug posting comment from Crash page
  • Fixed bug creating/deleting defects from Crash page
  • Fixed issue with icons not loading on Crash page
  • Fixed broken Stack Key link on Crash page

Web App Update 22-March-2021

  • Fix bug with quotes in Error Log table
  • Add warnings to Error Log page
  • Add MFA status column to Company page
  • Style changes

Web App Update 08-March-2021

  • Released new Onboarding flow

Web App Update 02-March-2021

  • Beta released Error Log page

Web App Update 27-Feb-2021

  • Added database selector to default Support Response page

Web App Update 03-Feb-2021

  • Updated Add User component to support adding multiple users at once

Web App Update 01-Feb-2021

  • Fix cursor pointer bug on Summary page
  • Fix broken platform image for unknown platforms on Crash page

Web App Update 28-Jan-2021

  • Hide retired versions from applications/versions dropdowns

Web App Update 19-Jan-2021

  • Sort Application and Versions dropdown values
  • Improved site accessibility

Web App Update 13-Jan-2021

  • Fix for error loading Symbols page when application name or version was null

Web App Update 08-Jan-2021

  • Fix bug displaying comments on Key Crash page

Web App Update 21-Dec-2020

  • Added support for Assembla

Web App Update 16-Dec-2020

  • Style updates for Crash page
  • SStyle updates for Log Defect modal
  • SFix bug with Time Frame filtering on Key Crash page

Web App Update 14-Dec-2020

  • Fix for Group By control not closed by outside click
  • Added support for exporting Group By results on Crashes page
  • Added support for global Applications, Versions and Time Frame filters when exporting from the Crashes page

Web App Update 12-Dec-2020

  • Added ability to persist time frame filter between sessions

Web App Update 09-Dec-2020

  • Replace Database, Application and Version dropdowns with Breadcrumbs
  • Add support for time frame 'All'
  • Style improvements

Web App Update 08-Dec-2020

  • Fix for bug where global filters were not being honored on Crashes page

Web App Update 04-Dec-2020

  • Added crash attachments to row details view on Crashes page

Web App Update 2-Dec-2020

  • Released Group By feature on Crashes page
  • Improved Table Search by making search columns searchable

Ngb-Filterablep-Dropdown Update 1-Dec-2020

  • Added ability to use any template as dropdown toggle
  • Bug fixes
  • Released version 6.1.2

AWS Status Update 26-November-2020

  • BugSplat application services have been restored to full health following the AWS outage. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

AWS Status Update 25-November-2020

  • Update 7:00 pm est:BugSplat application services have recovered from the AWS outage which is not fully resolved. Note that until the AWS services are fully-restored, there is a continued risk of interruption of BugSplat services. See here for additional details.
  • BugSplat services are experiencing intermittent failures due to issues at our service provider AWS. Our team is monitoring and working to mitigate the effects. We will update here when the issues are resolved. Learn more at AWS Service Health Dashboard.

Ngb-Filterablep-Dropdown Update 27-November-2020

  • Added ability to set different selection modes for multi-selection which will hide or show Select All, Select None and Select Multiple
  • Released version 6.0.0

Web App Update 18-November-2020

  • Updated look and feel of table row expansion
  • Updated styles on Crash page

Apple Silicon support! 16-November-2020

Ngb-Filterablep-Dropdown Update 13-November-2020

  • Added ability to set custom toggle text
  • Released version 5.0.0

Breakpad/Crashpad Update 12-November-2020

  • Upgraded processing of Breakpad and Crashpad reports so that function name references in the call stack now include the module name too. Existing customers may notice some call stacks are grouped in new stack keys as a result of this change.

Web App Update 11-November-2020

  • Fix BugSplat passing bad ID to Crash page
  • Fix BugSplat checking subscription status on 404 page
  • Fix broken image icon if user hasn't uploaded company logo
  • Fix weird wrapping of Export component on Crashes page

Web App Update 10-November-2020

  • Addressed customer feedback to fix styles on Stack Explorer page

Web App Update 9-November-2020

  • Addressed customer feedback to use correct casing for Key Crash page header
  • Fixed issue logging out

Web App Update 5-November-2020

  • Fix for Crash ID missing on Crash page on mobile devices
  • Fix for version filters not being used on Key Crash page
  • Fix for end users not being able to view Upload page without logging in first

Web App Update 4-November-2020

  • Updated look and feel of the navigation bar

Web App Update 3-November-2020

  • Defaulted Time Frame filter to Last 30 days in order to improve performance

Web App Update 22-Oct-2020

  • Released new Upload page for end users who were unable to post a crash report automatically
  • Released Migrate page to assist companies migrating from their existing crash report solution to BugSplat

Web App Update 10-October-2020

  • Released new Password page

Web App Update 09-October-2020

  • Added new 'Users Affected' column to Summary page. This column shows unique users who exprienced a crash associated with a Stack Key. Read more at product updates.

ngb-filterable-dropdown update 08-October-2020

  • Released version 4.0.0
  • Added openChanged event that fires when the dropdown is opened or closed
  • API updates to standardize naming conventions

Web App Update 08-October-2020

  • Updated Crash page comment widget styles
  • Updated Key Crash page comment widget styles
  • Fix for fussy comments field that sometimes reverted modifications
  • Fix for bug where Group Stacks page displayed incorrect values due to non-unique stackId mappings
  • Fix for subscription limits not being updated when adding/removing/transferring a database
  • Fix for subscription limits not being updated when adding/removing a user
  • Fix for BugSplat when navigating to Crash page with invalid ID

Web App Update 05-October-2020

  • Upgraded technical support editor and response pages. These now use Markdown (make that a link to the markdown website) rather than HTML. Existing HTML responses can be edited, but must be converted to Markdown. View an example in the database with this link.

Web App Updates 30-Septeber-2020

  • Fix bug displaying error message when GitHub defect creation fails

Web App Updates 29-Septeber-2020

  • Released new Support Response Editor
  • Released new End User Support Response page

Web Services API 29-September-2020

  • Removed deprecated endpoint crashRatePerMinute from Web Services API documentation.

Web App Updates 12-Septeber-2020

  • Fix for bug where symbol upload disabled while files were uploading

Web App Updates 04-Septeber-2020

  • Fix for broken link in Pricing FAQs

Web App Updates 02-Septeber-2020

  • New Manual Symbol Upload control

ngb-filterable-dropdown update 01-Septeber-2020

  • Released version 3.0.0
  • Added create item feature
  • Updated style

Android Update 1-August-2020

  • BugSplat now supports collecting Android NDK crashes viaCrashpad. If you're supporting a cross-platform C++ application, porting a C++ application to Android, or creating a new NDK library from scratch, check out our Android NDK docs and our AndroidCrasher sample application.