List of recent product changes and updates for BugSplat. We announce these updates via Twitter.

Native, .NET, UE4, and SendPdbs downloads Update 24-July-2020

  • Added support for a new '/Credentials' option in SendPdbs.
  • Removed SendPdbs dependency on the external file PdbLibrary.dll
  • SendPdbs updated to version

Web App Update 30-June-2020

  • Released new version of the Stack Explorer page

Web App Update 17-June-2020

  • Added ability to search by version greater than or less than

Web App Update 06-June-2020

  • Added ability to export search results on Crashes page

Web App Update 22-May-2020

  • Release of QT Documentation

Web App Update 20-May-2020

Web App Update 18-May-2020

  • Site-wide style improvements

Web App Update 15-May-2020

  • Added crashing thread to Key Crash table row details view
  • Added copy search feature
  • Improved search UX
  • Retired legacy search page
  • Fix for 403 changing company logo

Web App Update 14-May-2020

  • Better error handling for long queries that have timed out

Terms Update 12-May-2020

  • Updated Terms of Service

Web App Update 07-May-2020

  • Added searches for any call stack file name, function name and line number
  • Fix bug refreshing Crashes table after comment updated
  • Fix bug loading crash page when application or version was undefined
  • Style updates

Web App Update 15-April-2020

  • Released new Group Stacks page
  • Improved Subkey UX
  • Removed Heatmap page

Web App Update 11-April-2020

  • Support for filtering tables with query params
  • Fixed bug where table headers didn't appear sortable
  • Fixed bug where Symbol Details page settings weren't saved

Web App Update 26-Mar-2020

  • Added optional Environment field to Jira options

Web App Update 17-Mar-2020

  • Added support for Discord notifications

Web App Update 11-Mar-2020

  • Hide horizontal scrollbar on row details views with no overflow
  • Style improvements for restricted users on the Options page
  • Anchored app footer to the bottom of the screen

Web App Update 10-Mar-2020

  • Added support for comma separated list of email addresses for email alerts

Web App Update 06-Mar-2020

  • Added support for comma separated list of email addresses for email alerts

Web App Update 04-Mar-2020

  • Added support for Microsoft Teams
  • Removed deprecated Symbol Maintenance page

Web App Update 23-Feb-2020

  • Added crashing thread to expanded row detail view on Crashes page
  • Hide Options page for restricted users

Web App Update 19-Feb-2020

  • Moved transferring and deleting databases to Options page
  • Removed Database page

Native SDK (Version 18-Feb-2020

  • Improvements in multi-thread crashing support

Web App Updates 18-Feb-2020

  • Add ability to disconnect Slack in Options - fixing features regress from release
  • Improved UX setting support response logo

Web App Updates 12-Feb-2020

  • Added support for linking exist Azure DevOps issue with BugSplat
  • Performance tweaks and improvements

Web App Updates 10-Feb-2020

  • Released new Options page
  • Improved log defect workflow

Windows Native and .NET Update 06-Feb-2020

  • Updated to version
    • Fixed bug in Windows Native SDK that could cause issues when simultaneous unhandled exceptions were raised from multiple threads. Updated BsSndRpt.exe to address issues on Windows 7 environments.

Web App Updates 31-Dec-2019

  • Fixed bug where alerts appeared off-screen
  • Fixed bug where table page could be set to a negative number

Web App Updates 24-Dec-2019

  • Published new Electron endpoint that does not require setting 'Include Electron Symbols' option
  • Added platform indicator for Electron crashes on Crash page

Web App Updates 03-Dec-2019

  • Add First Report column to Summary page
  • Fix bug where Key Crash table didn't honor global timeframe filter
  • Fix more links broken by marketing site update

Web App Updates 02-Dec-2019

  • Updates to match new marketing site
  • Added sign-up/team-access
  • Added sign-up/crash-report

Web App Updates 25-Nov-2019

  • Added loading indicator for arguments and locals

Web App Update 23-Nov-2019

  • Fixed vertical line in charts on Dashboard, Summary and Key Crash pages in GMT timezone

Web App Update 22-Nov-2019

  • Fixes issue where safari users can't expand row details on crash page
  • Fixes issue where crash info table scroll bars were always visible on crash page
  • Hides symbol delete column in favor of a delete button in the expanded row view

Web App Update 20-Nov-2019

  • Fix bug where processing crash would spin forever

Web App Update 16-Nov-2019

  • Fix for errors generated by crashes where opening reprocess call returns 422

Native SDK Updates 15-Nov-2019

  • BugSplat native apps now support creation of full memory dumps. This option is only available to Enterprise customers. Contact us for more information.

Web App Update 14-Nov-2019

  • Performance improvements for processing crashes

Web App Update 12-Nov-2019

  • Fixed column sizing on Crash page
  • Fix for Crash page row details being collapsed when additional info becomes available

Web App Update 04-Nov-2019

  • Fix bug where user cannot select Startup subscription

Web App Update 30-October-2019

  • Fix to display an error message when we can't reprocess a crash because it is too old
  • Fix for active thread row details being closed for no reason on Crash page

25-October-2019: Web App Updates

  • Fix BugSplat when create database clicked before API has time to respond
  • Fix bug where KeyCrash comment could be set on wrong database
  • Add subscription delete link to Account page
  • Added commas to large numbers on various pages

23-October-2019: Web App Updates

  • Added company selector to Company page
  • Added users table to Company page
  • Added ability to add user to all databases via Company page
  • Added ability to remove user from all database via Company page
  • Added ability to add database via Company page
  • Added ability to delete database via Company page

9-October-2019: Web App Updates

  • Fix bug where users table was not updated when restricted checkbox was toggled and user added
  • Fix bug where comment field was not updated in Crashes and Key Crash page tables
  • Fix bug where user was required to click away or hit enter to post Stack Key comment

16-September-2019: Web App Updates

  • Disable monthly plan options if payment type is invoice
  • Added 'Exception Message' and 'Exception Code' columns to KeyCrash page

13-September-2019: Web App Updates

  • Added Exception Code and Exception Message columns to Crashes page
  • Changed Symbol Details 'Size' column to 'Compressed Size'
  • Fixed bug where Crashes page couldn't display crashes with undefined threads or modules
  • Fixed bug displaying Crashes page 'User' value

11-Sept-2019: Versioning

  • Windows version information added to BugSplat.dll and BsSndRpt.exe
  • 09-September-2019: Web App Updates

    • Style improvements to Account and Upgrade pages
    • Added new indicator to the Account page for users who are paying by invoice
    • Added new indicator to the Account page for users who are in the Free Tier plan
    • Added new indicator to the Account page for users who are in the 30-Day Trial plan

    05-September-2019: Account Tools Updates

    • Added restricted menu for non-compliant accounts

    23-August-2019: Web App and Tools Integration Updates

    • Released integration with GitHub Issues issue tracker
    • Released integration with YouTrack issue tracker
    • Fixed bug where delinquent account could get around license lockout by navigating back
    • Fixed bug where Crash page would not wait long enough for additional info
    • Fixed bug where Crash page would not display modules for crash with 1 module
    • Fixed bug on Crashes page where comment field wouldn't update when switching pages
    • Improved mobile styles on Users page
    • Improved styles on Crash page

    22-August-2019: Web App and Docs Updates

    • Release Versions page
    • Updated FAQs on Account and Upgrade pages
    • Display better error messages on Database page
    • Display better error messages on Versions page

    14-August-2019: Web App Updates

    • Fix to show attachments even if crash has not finished processing

    13-August-2019: Web App Updates

    • Fix for bug where link to GroupStacks page had incorrect database parameter
    • Fix for missing checkmark in Database page database selector
    • Fix for error message when creating a new database

    12-August-2019: Web App Updates

    • Released Database page
    • Updated /crash-details to /crash and added redirects
    • Updated /company-details to /company and added redirects
    • Updated /allcrash to /crashes and added redirects

    09-August-2019: Web App Updates

    • Beta release of the Database page

    08-August-2019: Web App Updates

    • Performance improvements for the Crash page
    • Updated link on Company page to point to new Account page

    31-July-2019: Web App Updates

    • Added messaging for companies that have exceeded the limits of their plan
    • Performance improvements

    30-July-2019: Web App Updates

    • Database selection error will now stay on the screen until user dismisses it