Is BugSplat Malware?

No! BugSplat is not a malware of any type. BugSplat is a crash reporting tool used by the developers of your software. It's a tool that is supposed to be there.

BugSplat's job is to report when a software application crashes. That means you only see BugSplat after your software has crashed leading many to believe that BugSplat causes crashes.

BugSplat does not cause crashes. BugSplat helps developers fix crashes.

BugSplat is like a fireman

When there is a fire the fire department always shows up. However, nobody from the fire department cause the fire. It is just their job to put it out and contain it.

Similarly, we do not cause crashes, but it is BugSplat's job to help fix crashes when they occur.

BugSplat is only triggered after a crash happens because it is BugSplat's job to report and help fix the crash.

What happens when my software crashes?

After a crash, the BugSplat dialog box appears requesting feedback on what happened to trigger the crash. It looks something like the below image.

bugsplat crash dialog

Do the makers of your software know about BugSplat?

Yes, absolutely. The people who make your software know that we are a part of their program. They put our code in their software!

Furthermore, the developers of your software will be using the data BugSplat collects to find fixes to the problem which caused your crash in the first place.

Developers love BugSplat because it makes their software better and their job easier.