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In a few simple steps, your Breakpad-enabled application can be configured to send crash reports to BugSplat. For more information on Breakpad, see the Breakpad page.

The Breakpad source can be cloned from the Breakpad repo.

Configuring Breakpad

Configure Breakpad to post crashes to https://{database} but specify your own value for the {database} portion of the URL, which corresponds to the BugSplat database used to store your crash reports.

Also, configure the Breakpad POST parameters prod for the BugSplat application name and version for the BugSplat application version. You can optionally specify values for the Breakpad POST parameters email and comments, which will be tracked with each crash report.

Breakpad crashes can be posted manaully using our test page at https://{database} Replace {database} with the name of your BugSplat database. Viewing the source HTML of that page may help with Breakpad configuration.

The BugSplat database for your crash reports is created on the Databases page. Typically you will create a new database for each major release of your product.

Breakpad symbol information must be uploaded to the BugSplat website to get symbolic stack reports. The steps to upload symbols are different for Windows and non-Windows applications.

For Windows applications, symbols may be uploaded manually using our symbol upload page or as part of an automated build process with our SendPdbs.exe utility available in the Windows packages on our downloads page. Uploading Windows symbols using these steps will cause the BugSplat backend to analyze Breakpad crash reports using Microsoft debuggers. As a result, you must not use the same application name/version for both Windows and non-Windows programs.

On non-Windows operating systems, use the Breakpad dump_sym program to create symbol files and the Breakpad symupload program to post them to BugSplat. The symupload utility can be pointed at BugSplat using:

symupload symbol_file "https://{database}{myApp}&appVer={myVersion}"

Specify your own values for the {database}, {myApp}, and {myVersion} parameters.

Note: If you are sending symbols from OS X there is no command line option to increase the upload timeout. We have created a fork of symupload with the timeout increased to 100 seconds (from 10 seconds). You will need to use a modified version of symupload to upload files larger than 100 MB. You can download the modified archive here.

Extracted Breakpad symbols can be manually uploaded on our Breakpad Symbols page.

Remember that after each build you must upload new symbol files.

The final step is to test your application by forcing a crash. New crash reports will display immediately on the AllCrash page, and uploaded symbols can be seen on the Symbols page.