How can I use sendPdbs to upload symbol files?
4 minute read

Many customers upload Windows executables and symbols created on their build/integration server using the BugSplat utility SendPdbs.exe.

Each build of your product that’s used to send crash reports must have an exact set of matching exe/symbol files uploaded to BugSplat, typically with a unique BugSplat application name/version for each build.

It’s important to note that when utilizing SendPdbs it is very important that each parameter is filled out correctly. If SendPdbs isn’t working this is the most likely problem.

Running sendPdbs.exe in a command window without any arguments show the following usage information:

USAGE: sendPdbs.exe /u USER /p PASSWORD /a APPNAME {/v VERSION | /l LIBRARY} [/b DATABASE] [[/s] [/e] /d PATH /f FILESPEC1] | [/r]]

        This utility searches your build tree for symbol files
        and uploads them to the BugSplat server.  Note you can also
        create a zip containing your symbol files and manually post
        it to

        Required parameters:
         /u USER      BugSplat username
         /p PWD       BugSplat password
         /a APPNAME   AppName for the PDB symbol files (e.g. MyApp)
         /v VERSION   Version number of AppName (e.g. /v 1.0), required if /l not set
         /l LIBRARY   Library from which to extract version info (e.g. /l app.exe), required if /v not set

        For accounts using multiple databases, you should add the optional database parameter:
         /b DATABASE  BugSplat database (default is users current database)

        Then use either the following parameters:
         /s           Search subdirectories, optional
         /d PATH      Folder to search (e.g. /d "C:\Folder")
         /f FILE      Filespec to search (e.g. /f "*.pdb;MyApp.exe")
         /c RETRIES   Number of retries to attempt each upload. Optional, defaults to 4.
        Or use the following single parameter:
         /r           Remove symbols from server