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Who we are

BugSplat is a privately-owned tech company operated out of Boulder, Colorado. Our team is distributed across the United States and is dedicated to building turnkey crash reporting solutions.

In 2004, BugSplat was founded as a side project by a group of developers who had a passion for application stability. We now have more than 15 years of experience providing crash reporting tools to a wide variety of software and video game companies. Our code is installed on over 200 million computers around the globe, and we help our users track and fix hundreds of millions of crashes every year.

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Providing excellent crash reporting is tough - especially scaling and supporting a solution that is reliable and affordable. Luckily we've got years of experience doing just that!

Here are some possibilities...

Licensing agreements to cover crash reporting for communities of developers.

White labeling our crash reporting tool for inclusion in other product offerings

Crash reporting for large corporations which support software across a variety of deployment environments

Consulting for best practices collecting and leveraging crash data in deployed applications

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Philanthropy / Charitable Giving

At BugSplat we want our positive impact extend past the tools and services we provide our customers. If you are looking for sponsorships, donations, or for a collaboration with our team, please contact us.

We're especially interested in causes around environmentalism, closing the gender gap for women in technology, and providing opportunities to young developers and entrepreneurs.

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