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bugsplat crash reporting

Automatic crash logs

Never manually enter a crash log again.

bugsplat crash reporting

Analytics on user crashes

See when, why, and how often crashes occur.

bugsplat crash reporting

Cross-platform support

Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as Unity and Unreal

bugsplat crash reporting

Better gaming experience

Crashes happen. Show your gamers you care.

Automatic Crash Logs

Powerful crash data collected automatically will change the way your team supports gamers.

Think how much time your team spends manually collecting error logs, searching through your support forum, or asking your gamers to report problems on their crashes.

Now imagine using BugSplat to automate data collection on all your crashes. Imagine a game that's wayyyy more stable. Imagine how it will feel when there are fewer of those crashes that take your happy users out of their gaming experience and send them howling to your Twitter account, support forum, or subreddit.

All your crashes automatically in one place

Filter by crash type, line number, application, version, or user description of the event.

Collect crashes across your platforms

Teams building games large and small use BugSplat to collect and debug their crashes across multiple platforms.

Windows, Mac, Linux, and more.

BugSplat was built to keep up with the demands of some of the worlds biggest games.

We scale effortlessly across the major OS platforms and on some of the largest game development engines.

BugSplat will give you a larger degree of visibility and information into your game's crashes.

bugsplat crash reporting
Don't leave your gamers hanging.

Don't let your gamers down. Video game crashes happen. What's important is how you handle them. That each crash moves you towards fewer crashes in the future. That's where BugSplat can help.

bugsplat crash reporting
Take crashes seriously.

BugSplat has become a verb in the gaming world. Games powered by BugSplat crash less often because the teams behind them have better data to fix current and future problems.

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bugsplat crash reporting

Kickstarter-backed indie video game Moonman talks about crash reporting during development and how to mix lemonade with and beer.

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bugsplat customer planifi

Dustin Henry, Sr. Developer on Atlassian’s Hipchat team, tells us why crash reporting is so important for his team and their support process.

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