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When, where, and why your users crash.
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Billions of crashes reported.
Millions of users helped.
Thousands of happier developers.

Through our cross-platform crash reporting tool, we've been able to help developers and their teams support software users on a massive scale.

BugSplat tracks hundreds of millions of crashes each year for 100 million+ users around the planet.

Our reports provide data critical data for fixing crashes. Data like symbolic call stacks, function names and line numbers, and the user’s description of the crash event.

All your crashes in one spot

Powerful cross-platform crash reporting for your team.

Integrated with your tools

We work with the tools you use everyday.

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Automatic crash reporting builds a clear image of your software's stability.

Manually collecting error logs, searching through support forums, or asking your users to report problems can't accurately be relied on to accurately asses the stability of your deployed software. Collecting crash data that way is also really difficult and frustrating for you and your team.

BugSplat crash reporting gives you the power to skip all that and go straight to fixing your most critical bugs. Let us do the hard part by automatically collecting the crash data and user feedback for you.

bugsplat crash reporting integration

We've built your crash reporting tool so that you don't have to.

Building and maintaining your own crash reporting solution is hard, annoying, and expensive.

Even if your team has the resources to build its own, doing so takes time and focus away from what you really need to be doing.

BugSplat was specifically built to make crash reporting easier and cheaper for teams like yours. We’ve built it to scale to the size of your user base, and it’s light, unobtrusive, and secure.

We know BugSplat crash reporting will save your team time, money, and energy.

bugsplat crash reporting stop wasting time

Stop wasting your team's time searching for bugs and replicating defects.

When you integrate BugSplat with your software, each crash experienced by your user automatically collects a large amount of data about the event.

Useful data, such as symbolic call stacks, function names, line numbers, and even the user’s description of the event, are immediately available for your team to view and search through after a crash.

With this at data at your fingertips - BugSplat can even show you the exact line of code that caused your crash - no bug is too difficult to find and fix.

bugsplat crash reporting more stability

Make your software more stable by finding and fixing your top crashes.

Crashes collected by BugSplat are automatically and intelligently sorted by the bug that caused the crash. We call this sorting by StackKey, and it allows you to see how often certain defects are causing your users to experience a crash.

By using StackKey information, your team will be able to focus on fixing the bugs that your users are experiencing most frequently.

We've seen from our new customer data that, on average, an application's top three crashes account for around 40% of all crashes. This means that you could be just three fixes away from software which is 40% more stable!

bugsplat crash reporting ship with confidence

Ship with confidence knowing you can stay ahead of software bugs.

BugSplat was built to help your team reduce the risk and stress that come with shipping new software or new versions.

Our crash charting lets you track the stability of software when it is released and can show you if the crash rate is too high. It also lets you compare different versions of crash rates to get a historical view of your software’s stability.

Importantly, BugSplat also has a crash rate alert system that notifies you of potential problems before they happen.

With tools to chart stability and stay ahead of problems, you can ship your next release with fewer headaches and hang-ups.

Crash reporting for the best.

Used by teams of all sizes. BugSplat supports applications with just a few users up to many millions of users.

bugsplat crash reporting

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