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bugsplat crash reporting
Game Dev Unity and Unreal Engine Use BugSplat to track and fix crashes for your video game Learn more

Your team's new crash expert

Using BugSplat is like having your own dedicated team of experts tracking down your crashes and reporting back to you about your biggest problems.

Capture every crash

  • Across all your applications, versions, and databases.
  • Automatically collect critical crash data.
  • Group similar crashes together.

Unlock deeper data

  • Track all pertinent and valuable data behind a crash.
  • Instantly view symbolic call stacks, function names, and line numbers.

Splat any crash

  • Quickly view the code that caused the crash.
  • Work through fixes with crashed code.
  • Never struggle to replicate a reported issue.

Focus on positive change.

  • Fix crashes based on how much they affect your users.
  • Uncover your worst crashes without any manual detective work.

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Powerful cross-platform crash reporting for your team.

Integrated with your tools

We work with the tools you use everyday.

Find critical fixes through data.

Prioritize fixes based on our analytic tools, not a developer’s hunch or random user complaints.

BugSplat’s charts make decision making straight forward by uncovering how often your application actually crashes.

It also groups similar crashes together automatically helping you see which crash defects need to be fixed first.

BugSplat has helped immensely with the beta testing of Moonman. It was super easy to set up and customize to fit within my game.

Ben Porter, Head Developer

Set alerts to prevent really bad days

Even the best code has crashes. Don't feel bad about that. Feel good that BugSplat alerts you as soon as there’s an important event you need to know about. Alerts can be sent by email or chat and are fully customizable by you.

Used by great development teams.

Our customers use BugSplat to make their teams more productive and software more stable.

bugsplat crash reporting

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bugsplat crash reporting

The developer behind the Kickstarter-backed indie video game 'Moonman' talks about crash reporting during development and how to mix lemonade with and beer.

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