Find and fix crash-causing bugs with BugSplat

Crash reporting from BugSplat is a critical tool for developers to find and fix crash-causing bugs in their applications.

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A powerful and simple support experience

Crash reporting from BugSplat makes it easy to get the entire team onboard for fixing bugs, improving stability, and making your software just plain better for your end-users.

Single repo for defects

Powerful debugger tooling

Advanced searching and filtering

Third-party tool integrations

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BugSplat Crash Reporting Workflow

BugSplat has everything you need to systematically deploy and scale crash reporting to your users—without overwhelming your team.

1. Integrate

Integrate BugSplat with your app and ship it with your newest release to capture crash events. View Getting Started Docs

2. Find

BugSplat automatically captures crashes experienced in your app, collecting vital information on the event.Learn more

3. Understand

Quickly and efficiently triage crashes or crash groups to determine how critical they are to fix. Ignore non-critical defects and fix the ones causing real issues.Learn more

4. Fix

Efficiently work to find fixes to the defect using real data captured from actual crashes from your users around the world.Learn more

5. Monitor

Monitor your application's stability, analyze new defects as they arise, and get alerted when a critical event is detected.Learn more


More benefits

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Quick integration

Detailed docs on all platforms and languages make configuring BugSplat a straightforward task.

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Simple maintenance

Get crash data without worrying about keeping the system that does it running.

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Easily scalable

Built on AWS—BugSplat is effortlessly scalable to any size application your team supports.

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One year retention of data

By default, BugSplat retains crash data for an entire year across all plans.

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Cost Efficient

Straightforward pricing makes it easy to see how BugSplat saves teams in the support and development process.

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Great customer support

Receive responsive and friendly support for any issue you might have—big or small.


Quickly identify bugs no matter where they're hiding

See how BugSplat helps the team find and fix crash-causing bugs hiding in code.

Learn more
Karl Schmidt

"BugSplat is an important part of our development pipeline. We rely on it to help track stability during development and in production. The BugSplat team is also very responsive and helpful whenever we reach out!”

Karl Schmidt - Technical Director/Co-Founder

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Get started with BugSplat today.

Faster crash fixes are right around the corner.

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