Application error reporting that turns busy developers into productive developers

Know when, where, and why your application is experiencing errors.
Find critical error fixes quickly, letting you get back to working on the more important stuff.
No credit card required
GDPR and SOC-2 compliant
99.99% uptime

Capture errors where your apps are deployed

With a few lines of code or simple configuration, BugSplat provides powerful cross-platform crash reporting for wherever you deploy your apps.

Error understand bugs?

Are you fixing bugs when you'd rather be writing new code?

BugSplat gives you the data you need to fix important crashes without burying you in analytics and non-critical data.

Hand-in-hand reporting

Error and crash reporting from BugSplat means 100% coverage on defects.

Less time to resolve issues

BugSplat cuts the time to resolve the issue behind errors in half.

Understand difficult errors

Get data critical to triaging and fixing the defect causing the error.

Contextualize bugs

Identify which defects are most critical to fix based on how wide of an impact they're having on stability.

Get started with BugSplat

Start saving yourself time and energy chasing down difficult bugs in your applications.

No credit card required

  • No credit card required
  • GDPR and SOC-2 compliant
  • 99.99% uptime

Why BugSplat?

BugSplat makes tracking application defects and monitoring application performance simple for quality-conscious companies. Each year, we save teams thousands of hours supporting their over 350 million installations around the globe. Whether you are at a startup or a Fortune 500 company, BugSplat can help.

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Straightforward setup

With easy-to-understand and thorough documentation, streamlined onboarding, and a simple UI, BugSplat makes it simple to get started.

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Deploy at any scale

BugSplat is hosted on AWS, making performance for large applications feel and act the same as smaller ones.

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Secure and private

BugSplat is GDPR and SOC-2 compliant. We have a rigorous security program built to keep our users' information safe.

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Our systems operate at a 99.99%+ uptime and are also very scalable and redundant. BugSplat follows the highest standards from AWS.

Karl Schmidt
"BugSplat is an important part of our development pipeline. We rely on it to help track stability during development and in production. The BugSplat team is also very responsive and helpful whenever we reach out!”

Karl Schmidt - Technical Director/Co-Founder

Gasket Games

Get started with BugSplat today.

Better insights and faster fixes are right around the corner.

No credit card required
GDPR and SOC-2 compliant
99.99% uptime
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