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Use crash reporting from BugSplat to isolate defects, eliminate guesswork, and improve efficiency in the support process

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Without a way to collect data on application crashes, it's hard to answer key questions like...

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When is an app crashing?

Find critical crashes that slipped through internal testing and were reported by a user.

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How often is an app crashing?

Know if the crash rate of an application is increasing or decreasing at any given time.

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Which crash defects are most critical?

Identify which bugs are having the widest impact on the health of an application.

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Find crashes before your users can report them

Using BugSplat to track and report on application crashes is dramatically faster and more efficient than searching for them manually or waiting for users to report them.

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Know when app is crashing

Always know when and where apps are crashing

Releasing an application with BugSplat gives teams assurance that they are casting a wide net to catch any defects that might have snuck into production.

Let users know you care

When an application crashes, BugSplat asks users to provide feedback on the events leading up to the crash or error event. Crashes are never fun, but every BugSplat report gives teams the opportunity to turn a negative experience into one that shows end-users you care about their experience with your product.

Deploy BugSplat anywhere

Deploy BugSplat anywhere

  • World-class crash reporting on 25+ platforms
  • Receive crash reports with or without user feedback
  • Leverage in development to track crashes in pre-launch testing
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More benefits

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Quick integration

Detailed docs on all platforms and languages make configuring BugSplat a straightforward task.

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Simple maintenance

Get crash data without worrying about keeping the system that does it running.

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Easily scalable

Built on AWS—BugSplat is effortlessly scalable to any size application your team supports.

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Great customer support

Receive responsive and friendly support for any issue you might have—big or small.


Uncover the story behind defects

See how BugSplat can help you get to the heart of what caused a defect.

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Karl Schmidt

"BugSplat is an important part of our development pipeline. We rely on it to help track stability during development and in production. The BugSplat team is also very responsive and helpful whenever we reach out!”

Karl Schmidt - Technical Director/Co-Founder

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