Spending All Your Time FIXING Your Game?

Building and supporting games is hard work, so don't let unknown crashes, errors, or other defects ruin the hard work that goes into game development. Stay ahead of bugs with detailed reporting and game performance monitoring from BugSplat.

Video Game Crash Reporting

"BugSplat is an important part of our development pipeline. We rely on it to help track stability during development and in production. The BugSplat team is also very responsive and helpful whenever we reach out!"

Karl Schmidt - Technical Director/Co-Founder, Gasket Games
Linden Lab
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Track Crashes and Errors Wherever Your Games Are Played

Discover BugSplat's comprehensive platform support that empowers game developers to track and resolve crashes and errors across a wide range of platforms. From desktop to mobile, and from game engines to console platforms, BugSplat has got you covered.

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Build Great Games

Build Great Games in Less Time

Don't waste valuable hours fixing your game. With BugSplat, you can streamline your development process and construct exceptional games more efficiently. Let us handle the technical glitches so you can focus on creating captivating gaming experiences.

Launch Games That Don't Crash (Often)

BugSplat's comprehensive reporting and game performance monitoring equip you with the insights needed to eliminate crashes and errors. Bid farewell to frustrating, game-breaking bugs and launch your games with confidence, providing your players with a smooth and enjoyable gaming journey.

Launch Games That Don't Crash

"BugSplat has helped us find and fix crashes since we went into Early Access over a year ago. Now we are actually running out of crashes to fix!."

Ben Humphreys
Ben Humphreys
UI programmer and designer
Support Growing Games

Support Growing Games With Ease

As your game gains popularity and attracts a growing player base, the last thing you want is to be overwhelmed by support requests. BugSplat simplifies the support process by automating crash and error responses. Spend less time troubleshooting and more time supporting your players, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.

Are You Working on an Indie Game?

BugSplat provides free plans to help anyone hacking together passion projects or trying to get new endeavors up and running. Learn more about our free plans by clicking the link below.

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Cross-Platform Support and Expertise

BugSplat offers comprehensive cross-platform support, catering to popular game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine in addition to supporting console platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch (coming soon). Having true cross-platform support enables you to tackle complex challenges in the various platforms and environments where your game is actually deployed.

Support Growing Games

Dedicated to Your

BugSplat's small, dedicated team of experts provides agile and effective support. From quick fixes to custom solutions, we've got your back.

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“Thanks for such a fast fix. 🙂 Y'all sure are crushing support (and I'm sure finding some edge cases it seems)!”

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Don't let bugs slow you down.

Adding BugSplat to your development and support workflow will reduce the time it takes you to find and fix bugs. Start today!