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Don't let unknown crashes, errors, or other defects ruin the hard work that goes into game development. Stay ahead of issues with automated crash reporting and performance monitoring from BugSplat.

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The tool behind bullet-proof games

Video game studios of all sizes use BugSplat to automate the process responding to game-interrupting crashes and errors. Use BugSplat to deliver excellent games that your users love.

Single repo for defects

Powerful debugger tooling

Advanced searching and filtering

Third-party tool integrations

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Improving Stability

Ship reliable, stable games

There's too much on the line to launch a game that has unreliable performance. With BugSplat, teams can keep track of their game's stability during a release, helping them identify and fix critical defects before they become a problem.

Super charge game testing with BugSplat

Supercharge game testing

Leveraging BugSplat crash reporting during the development of a new game is a valuable way to find and fix bugs before they ever get into the hands of users. BugSplat helps teams build confidence in their code ahead of launch.

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'Splat!' bugs with insights into live application crashes

  • Easily find and fix top defects
  • Get feedback from users when a crash occurs
  • Track stability improvements over time
  • Stay ahead of issues with automated alerts
Know when your game is crashing

Straightforward setup

BugSplat works with major game development platforms to provide teams access to detailed crash data and game analytics out of the box.

BS is secure like a vault

Secure crash reporting

  • Fully hosted in the cloud on AWS
  • SOC-2 and GDPR compliant
  • Secure login with federated logins and multi-factor authentication
  • Easy to manage user permissions.
BugSplat Has Great Customer Service

Responsive and friendly customer support

BugSplat's people make the difference. Receive attentive and personal support for all your BugSplat needs.

Indie Developer?

The BugSplat Free Plan includes all of BugSplat's essential tools along with one user, one database, and up to 2,000 crashes per year.

BugSplat also has an option for truly indie games to get a a little special treatment.

BugSplat grows with your game—through development, testing, and launch—all the way to wild, unfettered success.

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350+ million

installed applications report crashes with BugSplat

500 million

crashes and errors processed every year

24/7 Access

Application uptime

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BugSplat awarded Epic MegaGrant

The MegaGrant program from Epic rewards creators and builders to engage in work that benefits the entire game development community. BugSplat is proud to be able to leverage our unique knowledge to give back through this program.

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Add custom branding to the crash dialogue box

Adding custom branding to the crash dialogue box encourages users to provide feedback on the defects that cause crashes in games. It also provides a more seamless brand experience and improved perception of your game.

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BugSplat plays nicely with powerful tools


Quickly identify bugs no matter where they're hiding

See how BugSplat helps team find and fix crash defects.

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Faster crash fixes are right around the corner.

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