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Large, global teams use BugSplat to save time and effort in the support process and ship dramatically more stable code throughout their entire organization.

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No credit card required
GDPR and SOC-2 compliant
99.99% uptime

A powerful, scalable reporting toolset for your team

BugSplat makes it easy to get the entire team on board to fix bugs, improving stability, and make software better for your end-users.

Effcient reporting in the org

Efficient Bug Fixing Across Your Entire Organization

BugSplat optimizes bug fixes, providing your organization with significant savings in time and effort. Our automated crash reporting facilitates issue identification and resolution, eliminating the need for tedious debugging tasks.

Experience accelerated development, as BugSplat handles the complexities of bug fixing. With our solution, you can focus on delivering high-quality software while reaping the benefits of streamlined bug resolution.

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More Stable Code for Every Product

Empower every team in your organization with BugSplat's robust crash reporting solution. Deliver rock-solid products, cultivate an exceptional reputation, and minimize customer frustrations.

Gain real-time insights, swiftly address issues, and safeguard user experience. Stay ahead of competitors through groundbreaking innovations while BugSplat takes care of splatting your bugs.

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Unify workflow

Unifying Your Bug Reporting Workflow

BugSplat simplifies and unifies your bug reporting workflows effortlessly. Seamlessly integrated with popular defect trackers, BugSplat eliminates confusion and miscommunication. Crash data is effortlessly populated in your preferred tracking system, encouraging teams to swiftly identify root causes and expedite issue resolution.

Collaborate seamlessly, enhance efficiency, and elevate your issue management practices with BugSplat as your trusted companion. Experience hassle-free bug reporting and take your productivity to new heights.

Need Help With a Hard Problem?

Our small but nimble team of experts has over 10 years of experience helping world-class organizations save time, energy, and budget in their support process while increasing the stability of their applications.

So, do you have a unique issue all your own? Click the button below to reach out to our team.

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Secure and Scalable Crash and Error Reporting

Ensure the security and scalability of your crash and error reporting with BugSplat. Hosted on AWS, our solution guarantees a reliable and robust infrastructure for any size application. With BugSplat, you can trust that your data is safeguarded with SOC-2 and GDPR compliance.

Benefit from secure login options, including federated logins and multi-factor authentication. Effortlessly manage user permissions, granting access only to authorized individuals. BugSplat provides a secure and scalable platform, empowering you to handle any reporting challenge with confidence.

Support Growing Games

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BugSplat's small, dedicated team of experts provides agile and effective support. From quick fixes to custom solutions, we've got your back.

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“Thanks for such a fast fix. 🙂 Y'all sure are crushing support (and I'm sure finding some edge cases it seems)!”

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