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Large, global teams use BugSplat to save time and effort in the support process and ship bullet-proof code throughout their entire organization.

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A powerful and simple support experience

BugSplat makes it easy to get the entire team on board to fix bugs, improve stability, and make software better for your end-users

Single repo for defects

Powerful debugger tooling

Advanced searching and filtering

Third party tool integrations

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Have a single standard for what you ship and support

With BugSplat, organizations have one reliable and consistent tool for all teams that helps them ensure that everything they ship and support is up to par. Replace a patchwork of support tools, bug reports, and quality standards with BugSplat crash reporting.

Know when your game is crashing

One tool for every project

BugSplat works cross-platform to deliver high quality crash and error reporting to every environment where an application runs.

BugSplat is secure like a vault

Secure crash and error reporting

  • Fully hosted in the cloud on AWS
  • SOC-2 and GDPR compliant
  • Secure login with federated logins and multi-factor authentication
  • Easy to manage user permissions.
Know when your game is crashing

Increase efficiency across teams

BugSplat decreases the time and energy it takes to find and fix bugs giving teams and organizations more time to work on the stuff that really matters.

BugSplat has great customer service

Friendly and knowledgeable customer support

BugSplat's people make the difference. Receive attentive and personal support for all your BugSplat needs.

More benefits

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Full memory dumps

BugSplat can be configured to process full memory dumps at any size

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One year data retention

All crash data is stored for a year—plenty of time to get to fix every important crash

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Send crashes in silent mode

BugSplat can be configured to send crash data automatically at the time of the crash.

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Customizable alerts

BugSplat's alerting suite lets teams know when something irregular is occurring—giving teams the time needed to stay ahead of defects.

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Cost Efficient

Straightforward pricing makes it easy to see how BugSplat saves teams in the support and development process.

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Easily scalable

Built on AWS—BugSplat is effortlessly scalable to any size application your team supports.

BugSplat scales easily with any organization

Total Area
350+ million

installed applications report crashes with BugSplat

500 million

crashes and errors processed every year

24/7 Access

Application uptime

BugSplat plays nicely with powerful tools


Quickly identify bugs no matter where they're hiding

See how BugSplat helps team find and fix crash-causing bugs hiding in code.

Learn more

Get started with BugSplat today.

Faster crash fixes are right around the corner.

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