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BugSplat is a powerful, user-friendly, and customizable reporting tool built by developers for developers.
  • Identify new defects in seconds
  • Triage or assign in minutes
  • Ship fixes to issues by the end of the day
  • Fix twice as many bugs in half the time

"Using BugSplat feels like a natural extension of our team. Its intuitive design and straightforward tools help the entire team tackle problems without wading through endless docs. It just works."

Dmitrii Labadin, Technical Producer @ CoSociety

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Why use BugSplat?

Because you want to spend less time fixing bugs. Supporting great applications can be time-consuming and stressful. As developers ourselves, we know it's no fun fixing bugs around the clock. That's why we created BugSplat over a decade ago. Our aim? To give you the best toolkit possible for fixing bugs efficiently.

Don't just take our word for it. Bridget McGowan, QA lead, says, "BugSplat is great. How did we live without it before? I love the way BugSplat helps us when we cannot reproduce a crash. For example, a recent crash was not reproducible, but when looking at the report in BugSplat, we found the cause immediately.”

And that's the magic of BugSplat. It's THE tool for finding quick fixes to your most pressing issues, helping you simplify your development and support workflow so you can support stable apps that your users love without always having to work late.

At BugSplat, we prioritize simplicity and user-friendliness in everything we do. Our UI, plans, and support are all designed to ensure you don’t end up as the solitary 'guru' burdened with a complex and challenging tool. Instead, we make it possible for every team member to actively engage in bug fixing. By rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty, everyone contributes to enhancing your app.

Who uses BugSplat? First-rate software developers, QA teams, game studios, independent consultants, freelancers, indie game developers, and contractors all use BugSplat to support thousands of development projects all over the globe.

So let's make your life a bit easier. Ditch frustrating, expensive, and ineffective approaches to fixing bugs, and switch to BugSplat for comprehensive, streamlined, and powerful crash and error reporting.

You’ll love it when you get to SPLAT your first bug.

BugSplat Works Where Your Apps Do.

With a few lines of code or simple configuration, BugSplat provides powerful cross-platform crash reporting wherever you deploy your apps.

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And Seamlessly Integrate With Your Current Workflow

Connect BugSplat to get alerts for events in your app or to create issues directly from crash reports.

Are you part of an larger organization?

BugSplat’s reporting enables large teams to move away from their costly and overly complex DIY solutions. In fact, you can finally get full buy-in from your entire organization for incorporating a streamlined crash defect fixing workflow. With over 10 years of experience helping large organizations fix their most difficult reporting problems, BugSplat's got your back.

Use BugSplat Across Teams
Are you working on a video game?

BugSplat collaborates with game developers of all sizes, ranging from independent studios to industry leaders, to support the creation of exceptional games. BugSplat ensures smooth game launches, improved player retention, and efficient bug fixes across all of the platforms where a game is deployed, so you can spend more time on the important stuff - actually building your game!

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BugSplat's small, dedicated team of experts provides agile and effective support. From quick fixes to custom solutions, we've got your back.

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“Thanks for such a fast fix. 🙂 Y'all sure are crushing support (and I'm sure finding some edge cases it seems)!”

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Don't let bugs slow you down.

Adding BugSplat to your development and support workflow will reduce the time it takes you to find and fix bugs. Start today!