Support for Crashpad Attachments

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The BugSplat Team

BugSplat now supports attachments for Crashpad out of the box. Developers can include additional files with the Crashpad crash upload using the newest release of the BugSplat Crashpad SDK.

This release includes updated examples that show how to include Crashpad attachments for Windows, Linux, Android, Qt Windows, and Qt Linux (but not yet for macOS).

Before this change, including attachments with Crashpad out of the box was difficult. Now you can use BugSplat to consistently get the best crash data possible from Crashpad—without the hassle of trying to hack together some patch to include uploads.

Crashpad Attachment request

BugSplat users can now have much more confidence in their Crashpad reporting because including attachments adds lots of valuable debug information to the uploads.

You can easily include log, config or any other files which will be viewable on the attachments tab of your BugSplat crash reports.

Crashpad Attachment example

Again, we're pretty pumped—unreasonably excited, really—about this fix. It should help some of you out there big time.

If you feel the same level of excitement about this topic, you can see how to implement these changes in our great document on How to Build Crashpad.

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