Debug faster, improve your apps stability, and spend less time on support

BugSplat is more than just a crash reporter — it’s a better way to fix your app. Teams that switch to BugSplat are more productive, and their software is more stable. They get better data on crash defects and spend less time doing support. That means they’re way more efficient than before. Here’s how BugSplat gets it done.

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Fix Crash-Causing Defects Before Your Users Can Report Them

BugSplat gives you the context you need to figure out what causes crashes and who's affected while making it simple to follow up once your fix is deployed.

  • Get context-rich reports that give you unmatched data on crashes

  • Quickly identify the function name and line number behind your crash

  • Impress your users by reaching out about a problem before they can report it

Move Fast and Break Things—Just Know What You Broke

BugSplat groups similar crashes together helping you to quickly identify the most critical defects causing your app to crash.

  • BugSplat automatically groups similar crashes to help you quickly identify bad defects using the top level of the call stack

  • Sort or filter crashes by frequency, crash date, version and more.

  • Easily find the handful of defects causing the majority of your crashes

  • Find hidden defects by organizing any group of crashes using a different level of the call stack. Try that with any other crash reporter!

“BugSplat is great. How did we live without it before? I love the way BugSplat helps us when we cannot reproduce a crash. For example, a recent crash was not reproducible, but when looking at the report in BugSplat, we found the cause immediately. ”

Brigid, QA Specialist

BugSplat Alerts - Slack

Respond Instantly When Problems Occur

Don't wait to hear about a critical new bug from emails sent to support. Know the instant something bad happens via customizable email or Slack message alerts.

  • Get alerted when your crash rate spikes, a new type of crash occurs, or an old crash type recurs

  • Alert your whole team by sending messages to a custom Slack channel or an email list.

BugSplat Language Integration

Fix Issues Faster with Collaborative Tools

BugSplat plays nicely with your favorite tools. That means you won't have to switch up your workflow—we just make it better.

  • Get alerted when your app has a problem right away in Slack

  • Create data rich issues in Jira, Github Issues, Youtrack, Azure DevOps, and more, right from a crash

"We really like BugSplat, and the communication we receive from your team. You guys provide great support, and it is very much noticed and appreciated."

Ryan, Chief Information Officer

Dive Deep to Find the Issue Behind the Issue

Each time BugSplat collects a crash it compiles loads of actionable data that will help you fix your hard to diagnose defects in record time.

  • Quickly see crash specific data like the function and line number of the crash, the environment it took place in, and a user description of the event

  • View the full debugger output, register values, loaded modules and additional files of each crash report

  • See function arguments and local variables for each level of the call stack for Windows native crashes. Learn more →

Know when you're improving... or aren't

Did your new release do better than your previous one? Did the fix you came up with for that one tricky bug actually do the job? With BugSplat, you can compare your releases to truly figure out what's happening.

  • See at a glance how your release has performed

  • Dive deeper to figure out if a defect has been fixed in your latest release

  • Report on the overall performance of new releases against previous releases

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Excellent Support

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible support to each and every one of our customers from the moment they create an account.

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10+ Years of Experience

BugSplat has been dedicated to helping teams improve their applications through crash reporting for more than a decade.

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Security & Privacy

We take security and privacy very seriously at BugSplat. We're fully GDPR compliant and have a rigorous security program to keep our users' information safe.

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Trust the Bug

We're continually adding new tools and features to make sure you have the industry's best crash reporting solution.

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