What our customers have to say

We asked our users what the difference was for them when they started using BugSplat.

You guys rock! BugSplat has really improved the visibility we now have on crashes. Previously, we knew that our product crashed but we had no concrete data. BugSplat has given us that much needed data, and allows us to prioritize which crashes we focus on.

John Ulmuer,


With BugSplat's automated crash analysis tools, Pando is able to identify and target those bugs that are the largest nuisance for our userbase. The difference is like trying to walk through a cluttered room in the dark versus one with a bright bulb.

Ramit Hora,


We really like the BugSplat service, and the communication we receive from BugSplat Software. You guys provide great support, and it is very much noticed and appreciated.

Ryan Campbell,


BugSplat is great. How did we live without it before? I love the way BugSplat helps us when we cannot reproduce a crash.

Brigid McGowan,


BugSplat is a key component of our software quality effort. Switching to this has allowed us much more visibility into customer problems. It's crash reporting done right.

Mike Garrett,


Crash reporting is an essential part of any enterprise-level software application, especially with a large daily user base composed of users with a variety of hardware configurations. BugSplat has allowed us to not only find and solve possible problems in our code base but also in those of various third-party libraries we use.

Dustin Henry,


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